Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Potato Salad Just For You...

Simply~the Best!
Thanks Mom for 4 generations of enjoyment!
Around this time of the year, there seems to be this unspoken contest going on all over the country about whose mom's potato salad is the best. Have you ever noticed that? Well, just to set the record straight..It is MY Mom!

Here's the thing about potato salad...don't goop it up with too much stuff. The essence of the best potato salad is that it is simply delicious. Here how to find a favorite recipe for it if you don't have a favorite made by your own mother...which of course can never be replaced. Try mine! I always make mine for a crowd so I started out with:

10 pounds of potatoes...peeled, cooked in boiling water for about 20 minutes or until tender and not too mushy. Drain and let them cool and then I sliced them up like I would for an apple pie or crisp...thin, not too chunky.

A dozen hard-boiled eggs...cut up into smallish pieces.

A bunch and a half of green scallion onions...Chopped up.

Some plain yellow mustard...I don't measure it but I take the squeeze bottle and just make a grid across the bowl of squiggly lines in both directions. (sometimes I add a little more as I am mixing it to make sure it is enough but not too much.

Mayonnaise, it has to be Best Foods (or Helman's for you east coasters!) It does take a lot of mayonnaise but remember it is something that you have for a treat on special occasions not every day! That being said it will require at least a quart of mayo for this large recipe that will feed many. You will be able to tell when you blend it all together if you need a little more.

Now here is the secret ingredient...
Celery Salt...you have to have it.
I use quite a bit.
I also add garlic salt and black pepper.
And add some paprika to the top or color!

Mix thoroughly and enjoy.
Simple, comfort food ~ extraordinaire and delicious!
Happy Fourth of July tomorrow!