Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Bathroom At Last Revealed!

View from the door
Love the crown on the window tops
Click Click for a bigger view on all photos

The tub!

The fun tub caddy

The shower faucetry for the tub

The fun stuff on the window sill
The glass picks up the morning sunlight so beautifully!

The sink~love it!The sconces up close They can point up or down!The baffles for the can ceiling lights. There are five.

More fun light catchers on the other window sill.

Our garden boy from the nursery
wanted to bring the outside in!
He has a little nest with eggs on his head
~urging spring to be ours~

My beloved funny angel with the glass eyes~Angelo~
Yes, I have been robbing a lot of other rooms!

Sunflowers snagged from our bedroom!
Corner of the sink and window that faces
the pond and waterfall outside.

Outside view above the tub

On the shower wall behind the tub. The towels and little architectural element holding the place where Laura's La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) sign will go when she is done making it. Check out the glass rod on the chrome towel bars. Be still my beating heart!

The throne as I know the kids will want
to see every square inch!

We got a tall one for people over 5 feet.

The Fresco we received from some past tenants of my mom's when they moved! So Italian..I have loved this thing for years~ it finally has the proper place to be.

Our cottage has lots of brick so love the glass
tile root beer colored brick trim in the shower.

The shower 4x5 feet and no door..love that part!

Another tub shot

The art work~ 2 etchings by a street artist
in Venice.
Given to us by Laura.

Our Italy trips have influenced our remodel for sure.Can't really capture these with a camera
too well but they are so neat!

The colors are perfect and they were purchased
long before this bathroom was conceived.

Ahhh, Venice! Who Can Forget Her?

Usually I would start with the art work as inspiration for the room but everything was selected before I saw these and Laura was sweet enough to part with them. They were in her garage in a tube just waiting to be whisked to America and framed!

Can I just tell you how happy we are to have this bathroom and to finally be done with the construction. Our contractor, Steve, and Jim worked themselves silly over it and it was a bit like giving birth. Now that the labor is over.. it is time to be thankful and to enjoy! I don't know what our favorite part is...it changes daily. What do you like best?

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Marie said...

Oh Bonnie!! I just ♥ ♥ ♥ every inch of it. It's so beautiful! You have done a wonderful job of decorating a room that is beautiful to begin with. I just love it all!! I especially love that beautiful Fresco above the toilet. How simply gorgeous! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Bonnie,
It is so beautiful. What a great job they did. Love that tub and the view out the window. Pedestal sinks are so neat too. I love the Fresco medallion behind the throne, looks perfect there. Also love the lil
garden boy. You're choices were just exquisite and it is truly lovely. Bet you guys are having such a fun time enjoying it!!
Thanks so much for sharing, what a neat blessings after so many years.
Have a really great day,
Love and Blessings, Nellie

Miss Jen said...

WOW!!! Wow. Wow. WOW! That is so beautiful! I'm truly stunned. You need to post some 'befores' so people know what a massive and incredible transformation this is. I am dying to see it! What are you doing for Easter?? :)

Bonnie said...

Laura wrote:

"Mom, the bathrooms is amazing!!! Unrecognizably amazing! Wow, I had a picture in my mind of what you are doing but it was nothing compared to the real thing. I love the windows and the tub and the shower and the hardware and the sink. Everything it perfect- I can't wait to come over and take a bath! The pictures are amazing too- I still can't get over how that all happened. Anyway, I love it beyond words. It sure beats that old brown bathroom with the hanging shelf that I used to be afraid of when I was a kid. I used to close the door behind me for a bath and try to get out as fast as I could. Not anymore. Now when I am at your house and you can't find me it is because I am hiding away in your new luxurious bathroom. I love it!"

Bonnie said...

Facebook entry by Jim's cousin, Tracey,

"LOVE the new bathroom! Now I need to get the two I have taken care of. You have inspired me to get going. This could be fun? I'll let you know if I need any helpful hints."

V and Co. said...

when can i have you come out here and see about having you totally redo like everything in my house!!!!

Melanie said...

I love your new bathroom!!! Having spent our first 17 years here without a master bath, I know how much you appreciate having it each day! And your location and views make it so special! I love the Italian influences and the color. I'll have to come over to see it soon.
p.s. I love your home screen photo, because I get a tiny peek of our roof in the upper right corner.

thE toKen aSian said...

now that's a transformation to be proud of- it's beeyooteeful! I esp luv the up or down sconces- very clever. The garden boy and his nest- very whimsical. But, what i'm gladdest about is that I make the toilet cut, being 5'2"...

Laura said...

The love is in the details, as Oprah would say, and man, you are showing the love!!!! So beautiful and charming. Makes me want to go pee. Just kidding. But maybe a bath....

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Bonnie, your bathroom is amazing! I am in love with your tub and sink! So many details to love here! I had those exact lights (the ones that can go up and down) in my last house! Loved those.

What a beautiful and tranquil place to soothe away the cares of life. And I love that you are inspired by Italy, I feel the same way!!

Nancy said...

I think my favorite is the sum of it's parts however, that shower is amazing!

Bonnie said...

Joyce said,

"I would like our next meeting to be in Bonnie's tub!
How wonderful. Glad you are using your creative talent for your benefit.
Loved your blog. You can tell how much fun and love you share with your family and friends.
Thanks for sharing!"

Bonnie said...

Suzette said,

"We miss you too. I am so jealous. I am getting ready to redo my shower in the master but it won't look anything like yours. You did a great job. Enjoy."


Bonnie said...

Cathy lee said,

"It is marvelous and I am so envious!! Gorgeous!!! I miss you soooo much!!!
My grandboys will be in Washington DC for the entire summer. I do not know what
I will do!! Love to you and your family!! CL

Thanks for sharing."

Bonnie said...

Our son, Chris shared this,

"Hi, it looks so great! I would like to see a picture from the outside... can you do that?"

Bonnie said...

Jeannette said,

"Bonnie...your bathroom is gorgeous! I'm so jealous...wish we were as creative and imaginative as you and Jim. I can never seem to "think outside of the box"...just call us "boring and humdrum". Thanks for sharing...I love your new bathroom!"


Bonnie said...

Lee said:

"WOW WEE! So elegant Bonnie. You and Jim just have that knack."

Bonnie said...

Missy said,

"I saw the pictures of the bathroom and it looks absolutely beautiful! I hope you are loving it!

Good luck on Thursday with your presentation!

Missy & CO

BECKY said...

Oh Bon Bon!! You have outdone yourselves with this remodel! It is drop dead gorgeous, and oh so calming and soothing. I LOVE ALL the elements you used and ADORE the etchings from Laura!! Tell Laura I want some!!!!! Wahhhhhhhh!!!

The open airy feeling is delightful, and I know you are really going to enjoy this lovely new space!!

Hubby says he wants to paint our bathroom, but it is a low priority right now!! Too many other things HAVE to be done!!

So this is the question...when I come visit can I use THIS bathroom???? :o) (I wish!!)

Love you Bon!! Awesome makeover!!

knispel4 said...

Wow, Bonnie, I have to echo everyone else here and say I love it! It's really gorgeous. If my bathroom was that pretty, I don't think I'd ever leave it! :-)

Caroline Craven said...

This is Architectural Digest worthy! I love what you've done in there. I agree with Jen, we need to see the "before" pictures. I want to come and visit just so I can take a soak in the tub. I told Nicki to check out your blog/bathroom and she wants to come too!!! I am going to have Kent check out the blog too as our bathrooms both have linoleum on the floor, ugh (or rather UGLY). Jim and Steve did an amazing job in there and in my mind you must all be vying to get your time in that magnificent space. I love the windows/view, but do you ever wonder about peeping toms? Love, love, love it.

Dorothy said...

Bonnie, I have a lot to learn about making comments. I loved your post showing your beautiful new bathroom so yesterday morning I wrote a comment. However, my comment never was posted and I wondered why. Then I realized I probably didn't do things correctly. So I will try again.

I know just a tiny bit how excited you are about your wonderful
new bathroom as, I recently had new counters put in my kitchen! Not quite as the ambitious understaking as yours, however!
The colors are beautiful and I love the windows and especially the large shower, etc., etc., etc..

Also I want to thank you for your UNIQUE thank you to my earlier
post. WOW! Thank you for the roses and the bear hugs as well!

I wish I could be a fly on the wall for your presentation on Thursday. I wish you well!

Bonnie said...

Caroline...I wonder about peepers...heaven knows they'd either die laughing or of a fatal MI! Actually we do have white 2 inch blinds going in soon. They are here, just need to be installed. I'll keep them up except when necessary they will come done. Especially since Steve is still working on the outside siding and finishing the last little bit of the roof. He is too young to die!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What a fantastic bathroom!! Wow, it's gorgeous. I esp love the floor tiles, just beautiful. every single detail. I don't think I've been by here before, so nice to meet you.

Donna said...


Absolutely stunning! I love the Italian influence and all the tile! I think my fave is the shower... love the walk in.. and NO door!

You two are truly talented!

Sally said...

Oh! MY! Beautiful!!!

I680Lady said...


Your new bathroom is just beautiful and I love the way you pulled all the elements together. You have so much talent! I also appreciate the subtle colors and the way you used them. It's just a work of art. Congratulations.

tales from an oc cottage said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!

m ^..^

Gypsy Purple said...

Very very lovely!!