Friday, February 19, 2010

1 Samuel 1:27

"For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath
given me my petition which I asked of him:"
1 Samuel 1:27


Marie said...

♥ this picture of little Hazel, Bonnie. She is tops of my prayer list every day. What a beautiful smile she has! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon Bon,
So how are you girlie???
You have been busy working on your blogging class haven't you?? I am waiting to see some pics of that new bathroom! So happy to hear it is all finished and you have already had your first and probably 5 or 6
showers by now! Isn't that such fun, you sorta feel like you are in a hotel or something!! lol
Beautiful pic of lil Hazie, she is such a happy lil girlie.
Has she totally recooped from her
pneumonia??? I sure hope so. I have been praying for her. That is a very good scripture for you and her parents to hang onto!
Hopefully, we are gonna start painting in our dressing room today. We found new lights for the bathroom last night~on sale~ so that was exciting, cause we need new ones! Am hoping they look good, but I think they will.
Cause we have a dark cabinet and a dark mirror and our faucets are
the brushed nickel and so is the
lighting fixture, so will see.
Thought about the bronze lites but
thought it would be too much brown, plus they put amber globes
on all those too, so that wouldn't
work well with the colors.
Anyway, you have a completely marvelous weekend my friend,
Love ya, Nellie
and that pic does look like Jen and Lowell. Isn't that funny!
Once when we were on Vacation I got up early to read a new decorating magazine I bought, which is a vacation tradition for me. I was browsing thru it and saw this pic of a lady and thought wow, she looks familiar.......and
then I realized she looked like ME!! Isn't that a hoot!! so couldn't wait to show hubby when he woke up, and he agreed with me. She was the editor or something of a magazine,
think she has since retired, and she really only looked like me in that one particular photo cause I saw others later.
Those kinds of things are so fun
to me!
In fact, I had a fun visit from the animal kingdom this morning,
will post about it soon.
That stuff just delights me so!!
Better go, my p.s. is turning into a novel!! lol