Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now This is Exciting!

If you visit my blog on a regular basis you know that my life has been crazy for the past six months. Well, probably longer~ but I have let those stresses slip away! Well, today I will be done with the Stake Women's Conference presentation that has been nestling in my mind for months now. All seems to be ready, and my new blog on beginning blogging is officially launching today.
This blog is still small but it is an attempt to help people interested in beginning to blog their life stories or special interest blogs get started. It is an electronic handout for my presentation. There is a button on my blog sidebar featuring this lovely blogger:

By clicking on it you will be taken directly to the blog anytime you want. So I am excited to be at least at a resting point on this project, although it will be ongoing, if interest persists in the idea. Especially if bloggers comment/ask questions and it becomes interactive.

So bathroom done...Check
Project done............Check
Tax Prep..................Next Up
Breathe....................After That!

So all those things are great but here is my really big exciting news!

The response from all of you on the bathroom post has overwhelmed me. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments. You are truly my friends. When you work so hard on something it is nice to have people love it! You are all welcome to come over, lock the door and have a nice relaxing bath whenever you want! In fact the guest room is nearby so stay awhile!

And this is the really really exciting thing for me...

Melissa Michaels from The Inspired Room linked to my post on her blog!! If you follow the link and scroll down to #6 you will see it! This is a big deal to me because I adore her blog, her decorating and design sense is over the top impeccable, and she has a huge following and I am stunned that she would do this! It is very humbling and exciting. She is the publishing editor I have worked under at Blissfully Domestic (my post for them on Guest Rooms to further entice you to come for a visit.)

This has made for a really lovely way to start the day!
If you see a big flash of is me grinning!


Caroline Craven said...

That is definitely something to be excited and PROUD of. Your bathroom is so beautiful, I dragged Kent to the computer the moment he got home to show him. Our bathrooms are in desperate need of an update. That is so cool that you were linked to Melanie's blog! I know from personal experience how if feels to be hightlighted by someone you admire and who inspires you!

Caroline Craven said...

Whoops? I meant Melissa not Melanie. Sorry about that.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Girlie,
I came over to comment on your comment but then I found this wonderful post. Oh My Heavens, how exciting girl! I read the first post on the guest bedroom, that was super and a very pretty bedroom too.
I will go back and read the rest later, but wanted to let you know I have already been praying for you and will keep it up thru the day,so let me know how it goes.

I just know you are gonna do a great job, just like you did on your bathroom. It truly is so lovely.

I am savoring this wonderful magazine, I read a couple of articles a day, cause one thing I forgot to mention is it is only published quarterly.

We haven't done anything else on the bathroom, but we did get all our supplies so hopefully this Sat. We wound up working in the yard, and it was so nice, cause it was a perfect temp, so I cut back a lot of dead stuff and Jim had to fix a pvc pipe that broke from the cold weather. Just hope we don't get anymore freezing temps or the plants I cut back might be goners! lol, but I just couldn't help myself!! lol

This will be our last Sunday teaching too, so that will free us up a lot on Saturday, so then we will get cracking for sure!
Thanks for asking sweetie.

You knock em dead tonight, well,
maybe not dead (lol) just over!!
How's that!!
Bowl them over, now there's a good one!! lol
Have a great day,
Love ya, Nellie
Oh yea, and Congratulations on
having Melissa post your bathroom and other posts to her blog.
That is truly so neat and exciting. What a fun day!!

Bonnie said...

Donna Reynolds said,

""I checked it out and you two did an AWESOME job!!!! Gorgeous!"

Bonnie said...

Linda Breedlove said:

"Love it Bonnie. You have wonderful taste."

Bonnie said...

Cathy Baigent said:

Your remodel is amazing.!!!! Your finishing touches are so perfect and just make it look so inviting......I would love to come over and soak, and look out the window for about a half a day.
I would love to see it in person too. Now I know you will never want to move, right?

Bonnie said...

Marilyn said,

"Bon - this is gorgeous!!! Wow. I'd like to make a reservation ASAP for a couple of hours in that bathroom.
I was going to send you a picture of our bathroom, but I couldn't do it justice. Gary has ripped out the toilet, floor, tile, tub doors, etc. Would you be at all interested in coming over to give us some ideas before we start putting it back together? I had a vague idea for some basic upgrades -- but after seeing your masterpiece, I think I could use some professional advice! Perhaps we could entice you guys over for dinner? No hurry -- I think it will be a very long time before Gary gets the subfloor replaced. He had cataract surgery on Wed & isn't supposed to do anything that requires exertion for a couple of weeks.
Anyway, your bathroom is truly fabulous - book me a room! Love you - mc

Bonnie said...

Cathy Hawkins said,

"So great to hear from you and see your beautiful new bathroom!! I love the lines of your tub but especially love the rich marble floor. Glad that you get to enjoy the benefits of your beautiful design. Hoping one night you'll surprise us at the monthly meeting..."