Friday, February 12, 2010

How About Those Cougars!

It was once said that some people take their football and the fighting for their alma mater way too seriously in the "big" picture of life, a game should be a game, with good sports, no hard feelings and being an adult.

Just prior to the start of the Air Force-BYU football game, Sept. 22, 2009, this video was broadcast in the BYU stadium in Provo, Utah. Later, the USAF Academy Superintendent, Lt. Gen Gould, showed this clip to the faculty and staff. He told everyone that BYU ran it minutes before the kickoff at the game. He was clearly moved by it, as were those who watched it. BYU is a class act.



Caroline Craven said...

Hey, that was really cool. I loved it. Do you have fun plans for V-day? Kent was going to take the suburban to his brother's house and fix the breaks, then come home on Saturday morning. I squashed that in about 2 seconds. We don't have huge plans, but Friday is our night out, since Sunday is spent on churchy stuff! Saturday is our definite relax-and-don't-bother-going-out-at-night day. I'm in need of a fun plan.

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing Bonnie! Made me proud to be a BYU alum.

Bonnie said...

Caroline, We do not have big plans as this is Jim's 4 day weekend to get the bathroom nearly done. With any luck at all it will be up and running by Monday night and then we will just have the details left. I'll have photos to share soon. So Sunday I will make a nice dinner, we'll eat in the dining room. He brought me some very pretty red roses yesterday so I am enjoying them and I got him a battery life extender for his iPhone at The MacWorld Convention in SF today. I went with my brother, Steve! We had a great day together.

So sorry I guess my ideas aren't too exciting!

Bonnie said...

Jen thanks for your comment! Glad you liked the video and I know what you mean. It is nice to be associated with such a fine University.

Caroline Craven said...

We figured it out. We went to dinner at one of the only two nice restaurants in Logan. It is a new one that opened up a few months ago. Kent has had lunch there a couple of times, but this was our first dinner there. The food was fantastic and it is close to our house. We then came home and watched a recorded episode of "Survivor". I know that sounds pretty lame, and a few years ago I would have thought the same, but I loved dinner with Kent and then just hanging out with Kenna and Trev. You gave me a great idea tho about Sunday dinner. Since we are down to just the four of us, we usually eat Sunday dinner at the kitchen island, but tomorrow I will set the dining room table with a table cloth, candles and the china! Thanks, Bon.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Now that was so cool!
They are definitely a class act.
Way to go BYU!

Happy Valentine's Day to you
Miss Bon Bon and your Sweetie Jim

Love and Blessings,
Nellie and Jim