Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do you Recognize These People?

When I was putting our Christmas Blog together Jen
didn't send me a photo so I put this one in:

Yesterday I got this one! I can't believe how much they haven't changed in the past dozen years. Lowell still has on the same green shirt just added a collar and chucked the beads (JK)...and Jen has toned down the rough (JK)....but seriously is this not them? They found this picture in a magazine years ago when they were first married.

Love it...thanks JenJen! And congrats on the recently released CSUK news. Woohoo!


Caroline Craven said...

Who is the talented artist that drew the picture of Jen and Lowell? It is funny and they do resemble it very much. I knew immediately who it was the first time I saw it. I love the blog note Dorothy left you and your kind response to her. It has now become part of my daily ritual to come to the computer and check your blog. I always appreciate your words of advise, comfort or joy, and I love the pictures you include. I love the pictures of people I know, love and miss and the beautiful pictures you use to express a point. I know I thank you a lot for your time blogging, but I always am sincere in my appreciation of your willingness to share your talent. Much love to you!!!

Bonnie said...

Caroline, thank you so much! Dorothy was so sweet to do that. And I always appreciate your wonderful comments too...but she just blew me away because I didn't even know her or that what I do at 4:30 am everyday would matter. It was just so sweet.

After reading your question about who drew the picture I realized I hadn't added the part about they found that picture in a magazine! Sorry I forgot the most important is not really them! Funny, huh?

BECKY said...

Hi Bon Bon! How's my sweet friend doing? Love this little story!! It would be great fun to find a drawing that looked like us in a magazine!! This is too cute!!

So seriously, what's happening out there?? I'm doing well. Over did a little yesterday and today, but feeling great!! We went up to the hunting camp in north Florida over the weekend and it snowed! Maddy hadn't seen snow yet, and loved it. Some of the flakes were as big as 1/2 dollars!! They melted when they hit the ground, but it sure was pretty. Snow that doesn't pile up is my kind of snow!! We're still trying to thaw out down here!! HA!! I hear the beach calling my name!!

Hope your Friday is wonderful! Any plans for the weekend? I've got quite a few things to work on around here, so I will be close to home.

Love ya gal!!

Marie Rayner said...

Great post Bonnie! Sweet picture of an adorable looking couple as well!!

I was sitting in McD's the other day with Todd and I noticed how very similar most couples look to each other. It was amazing! I think too, that the longer a couple is together, they look even more like each other! xxoo