Friday, February 26, 2010

Call Me Crazy.....But?

Sometimes I am completely compelled to write one of my "I don't get men" posts. Today I have been recuperating from all the projects that culminated this week. It is a rainy, dreary kind of day and pretty windy. A perfect day for staying home. Unfortunately, I did have to run to the post office, stop by my hair dresser's house and go the grocery store. The minute I got in the car it started pouring. I am so glad I spent time on my hair this now looks like I just got out of the shower! And I'm shivering and drenched just from unloading the groceries. And remember we are 32 feet above sea level here and it is just rain, right? Still I did not like being cold and wet one bit.

OK, so guess what my hubby and his friends are doing? They are going snow camping in the mountains this weekend. Yep! They are taking a bunch of middle-aged know the ones from {{middle earth}} and going to go sleep in the wet, slushy snow. And the rain and wind we are having here will no doubt be snowy and blizzardy there. Ahhh, remind me how this is fun again?

It started out with 3 adults and 5 boys. Jim said he expects some of the kids will bail so it may just end up being the 3 never-say-die, oldsters (You did see City Slickers, right?) and a couple of kids.

Sometimes in our ward it is hard to tell who these activities are really for...but I do have my suspicions. I think the problem is they are just growing teens wiser these days. They'd rather do sane things stay home and be warm and comfy and hang out. But not these old guys they are out for an adventure and an adventure they'll have, by cracky!

One time they rode their bikes across CA as a "Scout" activity and I think there were two old duffers for every kid. I think they just love getting into their spandex to tell you the truth! Boys will be boys and men will be boys...isn't that how it goes? Don't get me wrong, I am not begrudging them their fun..I am happy for them! I just don't get the fun part of this. My bad.

Anyway, call me crazy but there is not one thing I can think of I'd rather do less than go camping in the snow tonight. Not even having a root canal! As for me, I am bundling up in a blankey with a good book or a movie by the fire and continuing on with my decompression that is long over due. I like that kind of a comfort zone on the weekend, not sleeping outside in a snow storm. And that is why I am glad we are only "one" metaphorically!

The only part of the snow camping I ever have to endure is the "airing out" of all the camping paraphernalia when he gets home. Whaaa...? Does your husband air out his mess kit for a week on the window sill? Really, it's tin ..... we do have dish towels? (Scratching my head in bewilderment here!)

Well, I'll worry about that tomorrow when they return. As for today I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my toasty, warm laziness! Have yourself a good one! Any slow burn I get is going to be from the fireplace, not the freezer.

Love you, Bon


The Hopkins said...

I so agree - I do not understand the snow camping - I told Bro. March they should plan it for June and I'll bring a snow cone machine. I'm just so grateful that the girls were all busy so we don't have to drive up tomorrow morning to play in the snow.

I dropped John off and you'll be happy to know that there were 4 leaders and 13 youngsters going to freeze together tonight. They were all giddy with excitement - This is the perfect time to sing, "I enjoy being a girl".

Stay cozy!

Caroline Craven said...

Love it - I don't get the snow camping thing either, but then neither does Kent. I love the idea of a cozy blanket, warm fire and good book on a rainy day. I could do that. We did actually have sun today so that felt good. Today was my neighbor's birthday and she has been a bit down the past months so I took her a bunch of balloons, a funny card and a gift certificate for ice cream at Casper's. It totally surprised her and she loved it, which made it so much fun for me. Have a great lazy kind of weekend, you deserve to decompress a while.

Bonnie said...

Lee Said;

"This is great Bon! I echoe your words completely. I'm just glad to see Dave doing something with "The Guys" again though. He does nothing any more except

ride his bike . . . . . alone. I guess I could climb on a bike and go with him, but know my body wouldn't like it. The storm blew through here about the time they left,

it may follow them all the way. Well, off to put my PJ's on, order a pizza, wrap myself up in my cozy quilt and do whatever I want!!!! I'm sure they will stay safe and

return us tomorrow with smiles. Thanks for sharing again. Luv u"

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon,
I hear ya, and I am with you on that one. I will take toasty warm any
day of the week unless it was when I had such bad hot flashes, back then
I might have been game!! lol

So glad you are done with your seminar and you can relax some. I know I am like that too, after a big event of any kind, you just feel worn out, and so happy it is over, altho you so enjoyed doing it, but that let down after when you can just do nothing is great!!

I was dying laughing when you said you felt like you were in a Jr. Miss pageant. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall for the whole thing!! lol
Bet you did a great job!! and were you able to keep up with your brothers power point fine???

You need to get your formal out and be ready the next time for the competition!! lol
Too bad yall didn't know you could have surprised the lady with your
formal dresses and told her this is what we are singing in!! lol
Well, Hubby is up so better go talk with him.
Have a great time reading and relaxing, it will be nice to have you back in blogland.
Blessings, Nellie

Bonnie said...

Michelle said,

"I'm with you Bonnie, I totally don't get how freezing to death is fun . . . they didn't even have a campfire for crying-out-loud! Yikes, I would hate life about an hour into it....!
Thanks for the picture!"

Caroline Craven said...

P.S. to Lanette's comment. Girl's rule. I love her idea of camping in June and bringing a snow cone machine. That makes so much more sense than freezing by choice.