Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Valentine Thought About Unity

This is the first in a series of ways to please Your Valentine this year.
Not that I am any kind of an exert, just things that have made our nearly 46 year together better.

Do you want to do something simple that will improve the unity in your home, family and particularly your marriage? It requires breaking a little habit and at first you may slip up but as you incorporate it into your life it will have amazing results.

Some time ago Jim and were discussing our 40 plus years of marriage and thought about something that has given us a huge sense of unity. We often hear married couples talking about "my son, my daughter, my house, my car, etc. I did this, I have that, etc."

We have tried to make a conscious effort say we, our and us and it makes a big difference about how we feel about each other, our marriage, our lives and our unity. Speaking singularly is divisive when you think about it. It is small thing that makes a big difference over time. Try it, you will be surprised. Do you have a little thing that you do that makes you feel more unified as a couple?



Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Bon bon,
What a good point that is! I so agree, we have tried to break that habit as well, mostly me, cause Jim tends to refer to things in that way more, but every once in awhile I hear my self say that, and I have been convicted about it, so I change it when I realize it, so it doesn't happen nearly as often now.
After all that is what a marriage is suppose to be, a marriage of everything, hearts, posessions, money, children, home, problems,
sickness, or whatever else comes along. Great point!!
Have a good night!
Blessings, Nellie

Bonnie said...

Thanks Nellie! Sometimes it just takes a conscious effort and things improve almost magically.