Monday, January 14, 2008

By Popular Demand...drum roll....Who IS Michael Ball?

Michael Ball is a Welsh singer that lives in London. He has the most beautiful voice both while speaking and singing. I discovered him several years ago while watching a video of the 50th Birthday Celebration of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

He created and played the first Marius in Les Miserables and has been in many other productions including Phantom of the Opera, Passion, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and he is currently playing John Travolta's part (Edna Turnblad) in Hairspray in London.

Michael has done TV and radio and of course lots of concerts. He is more well-known throughout the world than he is in the US. He has a huge following in Australia. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tevor Nunn and other London composers and producers love Michael for his amazingly versatile and accomplished tenor voice and for his great personality. His forte is primarily musical theater but he can sing just about anything better than the person who made it famous and he does some song writing of his own . He has been named the best performer to come out of the West End (London's Broadway) in over 30 years. He has played on Broadway twice in his career, most recently in Woman in White. He has many CD's and concert DVD's out and his signature song is "Love Changes Everything" which was a big hit for him after his long run in Aspects of Love in NYC. He has never taken singing lessons so his voice is truly a God given talent. I became interested in his career and followed it for a few years for which I was teased mercilessly by my kids and hubby. I am not a groupie but just enjoyed his music and his one inch dimples and his nice gentlemanly ways.

He has only done 2 live concerts in the USA and they were held at the Abravenal Hall in SLC. Can you quite imagine my excitement about that?

Anyway, Jen and I went one night and she was doing a lot of hooting and hollering (just to humor me she says) so she can tell you all about it. The following night Jim went with me which was great. I watched them both when I could take my eyes off the stage and they were enjoying the concert quite a bit themselves. We stood up and sat down so many times I thought we were in a Catholic church! I guess that is what you do if you are a real fan. It was the most fun time I had had at a concert since, well...ever!

When Jen and I were setting up my blog template we added the pics just for fun and I am not sure who came up with "the eye candy" will have to wonder....?? It is all in fun..don't worry... it is all good!

Michael was given the key to the city (SLC) by the mayor Rocky Somebody and was supposed to perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but became ill and had to cancel. This was a big disappointment to his fans but my friend, Lloyd Newell, told me he was the most wonderful man and is invited to return whenever he is back in SLC. That was in 2004 and so far he has not been able to come back to sing "Amazing Grace" with the choir. May 4, 2004 was proclaimed by the mayor to be "Michael Ball Day" in Salt Lake City. I concur with truly was his day and maybe a little bit mine too! Ask Jen, she'll tell ya all about it.

Well... I hope she doesn't tell all!

P.S. OK, now that Jen has totally "outted" me, I will admit that that is me standing in the lower left hand corner of this photo. I am the one calmly and maturely standing there wondering what is up with all these crazy women! And the list of who I have actually given this website to is racing frantically though my head!!

This was the performance in Salt Lake City! Amazing! I cannot believe I was actually there!


Jen Stewart said...

Mom was a total groupie at this concert, she went to the back door and ran after the limo when he left!

Bonnie said...

Jen...where is the trust?

Bonnie said...

It was the awesomest thing, wasn't it? Who knew this old gal had it in her? I am giggling here all by myself and am probably blushing too!

Laura said...

That is great, I love the pics! I LOVE Andrew Lloyd Weber, just bought a 3 CD set of all his songs, maybe Mr. Michael performs some of these renditions, I will have to check! I have probably heard him and never known it was him; as I love Showtunes. Thanks for the explanation!

Laura said...

That is great; that's what makes life exciting; having a limo to run after! I think we all have someone like that---we abandon all refrain for!

Bonnie said...

There was no running!

Caroline Craven said...

This entire converstation between you and your daughters is hilarious! I am pretty much uninformed, as I have never heard of this guy before, but I can clearly see why you have such a girl-crush on him. And best of all, he probably won't do something totally disgusting in front of his fans so you won't have to send out a public disclaimer (as I had to with Adam Lambert, who is far less classy than Michael. Still, American Idol is boring this year w/o him).