Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Curtains & Carpet Day

Of course we all know that this is really Martin Luther King Day but I just loved this cute post on Laura's blog and our five year old grandson's Ross' take on what it all means.

"Good Dreams

Tonight at dinner I told the boys that tomorrow was "Curtain and Carpet Day" (meaning the day we are FINALLY going to buy carpets and hang curtain in the house). And that they were really lucky they didn't have to go to school so they could stay home and help!

Ross said, "Mom tomorrow is not carpet and curtain day... it is Martin Luther King day!" I was impressed he remembered why he had the day off of school- I didn't think he would. So I then asked him why we celebrate Martin Luther King day.

And he said, "Well... it is all because he had a good dream.""

I just love the way he thinks, he is our funny little guy! This is why we love begin grandparents..they are just too cute for words!

That dream that Dr. King had was so good and I wonder how much closer we really are to it after all these years? We have done a lot of living but not so much learning in the decades since he had that dream.

Well, Jim and I spent the day along together in San Francisco, our favorite City. This coming week our great nephew, Thomas, will be turning 12 and Jim and Micheal and some of Thomas' friends are going on a bike ride in the city to celebrate his birthday. Today we took the opportunity to scope out the trail and in the process went to some fun places. One of our more recent discoveries in San Francisco is Grace Cathedral. We decided to go there to get ourselves in the mood for the beauties of Europe. It worked and we felt very excited about our upcoming trip. This cathedral was built in 1860 and is really beautiful although pretty dark on the inside. The windows reminded us of Notre Dame.This is actually an Episcopal church and is really awesome to visit.

For lunch we went to one of our favorite restaurants right on the ocean called the Beach Chalet. The city was rather empty today I think everyone stayed inside or went to the movies but the Beach Chalet was as crowded as ever.

The mural you see above is really huge, wrapping around the room and depicts life in SF in days gone by. It is very interesting to see as you enter the ground floor of the restaurant. The food was great and the view from the dining room with all the panoramic windows of the ocean is amazing. The best part of the day was just being together and enjoying a low key, relaxing day. I just love the anonymity of the city and I how can really feel alone with my sweetheart there. It always brings back memories of when we were first married and lived there. Those were exciting times. After lunch we took a little nap in Golden Gate Park in the car (we are getting older!) and then headed home. Tomorrow it is back to work as usual but today was great! Below is an evening shot of the Beach Chalet.


Miss Jen said...

Jealous! Wish we had been there...OK wish *I* had been there! MInus the entire entourage! Us going anywhere all at the same time is...shall we say...chaotic! are literally a traveling circus! Just wait till we add the wheels!