Monday, January 7, 2008

Connor's Baptism

Connor's Baptism was really great. It was so wonderful to see Chris baptize his first child and to realize that in just 30 years we now have three generations of Latter-day Saints in our family. As memories of Chris growing up flashed before our minds and eyes we could not imagine how time has flown by. Watching him preform this ordinance for his son truly left heart prints for Jim and me. Missy and Chris have taught him very well. Connor was so excited and that was neat to see.

Bishop Holland (OK, I am not saying it but you all know whose son he is! :-)) was so thoughtful regarding it being a special day for each of the four kids being baptized. He had each one come up and stand beside him as he told some interesting things about them as individuals. Connor's scripture hero is Nephi and his favorite foods are pizza and spaghetti. (I thought it was Honey Bunches of Oats...but I learned something new!) Oddly, we have been going to Utah for so long we knew three of the four kids being baptized. One of them was "Handsome Ransom!"

Somehow we missed getting a picture of Chris and Connor in their white clothes but we do have several (see above) that were taken at their home of the lovely brunch that Missy prepared for all the family. It was so good to be there with Missy's parents, Barbara and Spencer and her sister, Jocelyn, our good friends the House family, and it was a real treat to have Lowell's parents join us as well.

Connor got some really nice gifts, including his journal, his scriptures, a CTR tie tack, and a special white bath towel that dried him off after his baptism for him to keep. He also got a new watch that seemed to be a really big hit from his Grandma and Grandpa George!

It was something we really would not have wanted to miss! Congratulations on your special day, Connor. Grampa and I are very proud of your decision!


Laura said...

I love reading your sentiments! So sweet, I would love to hear your conversion story one of these days, I know it had something to do with your friend referred to as Uncle Buffalo or something! Would love to hear that!

Miss Jen said...

It was great having you here for all this fun stuff!