Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 Reprise...Still Surviving!

On the 27th of December we were so excited to leave all the flu behind and to have Jim's Mom's settled at the rehab center for her physical therapy so we could fly out to Provo for our belated Christmas celebration with the kids. We had visions of our beautiful Utah...all covered with snow like the photo above! Thinking all the hassles were behind us, we arrived at the Oakland Airport and discovered there were the longest lines we had ever seen for baggage check-in and security. It was like rushing through an obstacle course. All too late we discovered our plane had been delayed by over two hours but by then we were exhausted from the stampeding herd! We were happy to finally be in flight. Chris was so sweet to pick us up and the cold crisp air felt so good. We were blessed to have no snow that night and we are hoping for the same on our return home. They had a big storm the day before we came and everything was gorgeous. I love looking at the snow from the comfort of the house! It is truly beautiful.

When we got here Jim was still feeling ill but we proceeded cautiously ahead with the family get-together and gift exchange for the year. It was really fun and so neat to watch the kids open their presents. They all went in together and bought us an digital picture frame with 149 photos of all our grandkids already uploaded on it. What a great idea and a fun way to show them off when friends come by. Our house is really beyond loaded with all the individual photos of everyone but we love them!

The next day Jen and I somehow managed a few hour to check out the after Christmas sales at our favorite haunts. Of course we found treasures. I have finally decided I will never stop buying Christmas is just what I collect. Every year I say I won't but....I do!

That same day Jim was still feeling ill and had heart burn so bad that nothing would help. Finally that evening we went to the ER to have it all checked out. Whenever acid indigestion is involved they want to check out your heart so they ran some tests. Long story short.. we spent our 2nd night here in the ER. Since they had to run two tests four hour apart we were pretty much there for the night! They were so nice and even brought me a bed into the room and that would never have happened in CA. All turned out well with no heart involvement but it was not a pleasant evening for either of us. The next night I came down with the flu and was out of commission for three days. That was no fun either! Ironically, we were so concerned about bringing any viruses here with the babies we got our flu shots for the first times in about 10 years. The best laid plans....! To further complicate things, poor Lowell got sick with the flu (a different virus than we had!) and then when we thought nothing else could happen Jen had some severe pain and had to go to the ER only to discover she has four kidney stones!! With medication and a juice concoction from Laura she has been doing pretty well. The next morning I was still really sick but I thought I was a little more chilled than a fever would produce. It was then we discovered the heater had gone out! Yup, on Sunday morning with temperatures in the 20's! It was really bad , I not only missed Traci's and Leroy's baby's blessing but Chris let it slip that Jeffery Holland spoke in their ward as father of their bishop! As if all this were not enough..Jen and Lowell's cat died without a warning. Now just think about what to do...the ground is frozen and covered in snow, you cannot dig a grave and the animal control is no was a bummer. Poor Pumpkin...he will be missed by all.

We did not do anything for New Year's Eve but we did go to Chris and Missy's for dinner New Year's Day. Missy made this incredible Chinese meal. I was just well enough to really enjoy everything. Missy is one magnificent cook and we all loved the meal. Jim and Lowell thought it was very reminiscent of their experience in China a few years ago.

Sometime during all of the week's happenings the men took a nice snow shoeing hike and then on New Year's Day they took the kids on a treasure hike in the snow where they learned to use a GPS. The kids also enjoyed some sledding.

We have spent the last two nights with Chris and Missy and the kids and it was really fun. They have been working for a year on their completely new bathroom and our Christmas gift to them was to finish it off with the all the fun stuff and the decorating. It was finished today and turned out really nice.

We are so proud of all they have done in their house this year. It is really coming along. Only those that have been through this can truly know what hard hard work it is to remodel and older house. Major construction has occurred in Jen and Lowell's house as well this year. They are all to be commended. Jim loves helping with all the home improvements so this has been ideal for him. Missy and I just shopped and gabbed and hung out with the kids and then today we started to prepare for her parents arrival for Connor's baptism on Saturday. Although Piper came home feeling sick today she is better tonight so we are keeping our fingers crossed that everyone will be fine for the baptism on Saturday and Hazel's blessing on Sunday. It is so wonderful to be here with all the kids just experiencing all the flavors of life. I spent most of my day holding one of the babies and I feel like I have been at a love fest! There is nothing sweeter. We are so blessed to be their grandparents!

Aynslee and "Baby Owie"

Hazel aka "Baby Halo"


lanette said...

Hey Bonnie - I'm so glad you're feeling better and I loved reading about your heavenly adventures in Utah but I fear it's taking you closer to leaving us...I was glad to hear your phone message the other day but don't have you cell number or I would have called you right back. Our computer ate the last 3 years of e-mails including addresses so I couldn't even send an e-mail. I googled until I finally found your blog through the RS blog. Anyway just wanted you to know that we're missing you. The wedding was lovely and all is well here. We look forward to your return. Hugs, Lanette

Laura said...

Sounds like the visit has been chock full of family activities and fun. I am glad your husband is OK--and that everyone is doing well, it sounded like there were a lot of crises at the beginning of the trip (from reading Jen's blog also). What a great way to start out the New Year, with a baby blessing and baptism.

Miss Jen said...

Wow, when you string it all together like that it sounds even worse than it was. No FUN!