Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Addicted or Just Blognausous?

This is so weird that you would post this on your blog so I could pirate it, Jen. I have been thinking about how much I enjoy ...the B word... and have been thinking about addiction vs. passion. I think addiction is an overused word in our day and culture. Of course there are many serious and terrible addictions and I do admit to a few of them...but blogging is not one of them.

The web dictionary defines addiction as: "A chronic, relapsing disease characterized by compulsive drug-seeking and use and by neurochemical and molecular changes in the brain."

I do not feel addicted to blogging but I do feel passionate about it. I feel this way about blogging for the following reasons: It connects our family in ways I have been searching for for over 10 years. I feel one of an empty nest mom's primary duties and responsibilities is to keep the family together as children become adults and have families of their own. E-mail was not working for us very well and blogging is so much better. It is topical, personal, sometimes funny, sometimes sad and it helps us learn more about each other. A little feeding and nurturing each day or so is healthy for the soul and rhythm of close families. For me, blogging is the glue, and for that I love it! People can contribute as much or as little as they like, or they can just read them to stay close and that is a blessing. Family members that are too busy or have other interests do not have to read the blogs. So it is a win/win for everyone. I have also seen that its intrigue spans as many generations as you have. The 80 year old down to the little ones love to see their family photos and hear stories about themselves and others. It is a great way to preserve your family history and it is very gratifying to feel like you accomplished a little of that each day. It is a lot of fun, it's free, it distracts me from less productive things, and it also keeps us in touch with friends. So then, what's not to love?

All that aside, I do notice that I am just a little obnoxious about wanting people to participate. So I have come up with my own word for this phenomenon. The word is "blognausous. " You will not find it in the web dictionary as it is my very own word...but I did check before posting this.. as Google knows all. So I can safely say it is my very own word.

Blognausous is defined as someone who will not stop talking about it to everyone, someone who begs for people to make comments on their blog although lurking is fine too and someone who wants everyone to make their own blog because it is so gratifying.

By definition I confess I am blognausous. I am sorry!

Blognausaously yours,



Lanette said...

Blognausous? That sounds like you're sick of blogging which I know is not true in the least. I too love blogging and my laundry is suffering because of it...

Bon's Blog by Design said...

Lanette, think of it more as what others are thinking about me..of course I adore blogging! It is a keeper in my life.

The Gatchell Crew said...

Oh my heck that is hilarious! I love it completely. I have the same condition, I can't stop. I mean not totally about my own blog but about others. It has become the new hightlight of my day. Checking my blog to see if there are any new commments, but more checking others to see if they have posted new blogs. I also find myself as I am on my way to bed ( always later then I wanted) stopping off at the computer to check blogs. Before you know it 30 minutes to an hour have gone by & I am still sitting here. I love it, I love it. My new catch phrase whenever I take a photo I say "this is for my blog" or "you're going to be on my blog" My family & friends are like dude seriously you might have a problem. I love it, I too think it is a great way for people to stay connected. If they don't want to look they don't have to, if they don't want to comment they don't have to. I love it. So yes Bonnie I am with you, I am BLOGNAUSAUS!!!Maybe we should start a support group!

laura.elizabeth said...

Ditto. I am totally passionate about Blogging! I am definitely not addicted though and I don't think I am blognausous but then again I could just be in denial. Where can I find that support group again?!

Laura said...

I also am blognausous---and I love it!!! Oh well!