Friday, January 11, 2008

What's Up With That?

Every time I set foot out of my door anymore, I am amazed by what I see. So I am going to start a little recurring post called "What's Up With That?

Today I ventured out to find something for Laura for her birthday on January 30th. Try as I might I have not been able to get my Christmas decorations put away yet. I am beginning to feel like those slackers that just keep their lights up all year and unplug them. I especially love the icicles that hang down all year, don't you? In my own defense I have been waiting for Jim to have one minute to get the boxes out of the attic for me but still, it is practically mid-January for Pete's sake!

So as I am going through different stores I was bombarded with Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter eggs, Easter baskets with all the plastic pink, yellow and green grass, and Easter egg dyeing was holiday overload! The next aisles revealed barbecues, lawn furniture and beach stuff, and garden statuary. Even in California this is ridiculous! I may be crazy but my life is flying by fast enough without the aid of the retail industry.

Oh well, as I was driving home I realized that if I can just hold out for about 60 more days with leaving all my Christmas decor up....I could be just barely ahead of the curve and be ready just a tad bit early for Christmas 2008! Our neighbor, Gary, who runs by the house daily, actually came up and told Jim to take down the tree as he is getting sick of it...maybe if we just turn off the lights he won't notice!

Maybe all those slackers are the smart ones! Oh and by the way, I saw flip flops and shorts today too but not for sale...someone was actually wearing them!!! I just bundled up a little more in my wool coat and hurried home to my computer where I have some control over my own little world! What is up with that?


Miss Jen said...

As a committed boxing day bargain shopper I'm here to tell you that valentines, swimsuits and everything in between goes up dec 26th in most discount department stores. I agree that it pretty lame but even worse is that if you don't get stuff like one piece swim suits ect in feb, there won't be one for miles around come june.

laura.elizabeth said...

I agree whole heartedly! You can hardly enjoy one season before the next is thrust upon you. It is a bit over the top.