Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Connor~The Master Builder

For as long as I can remember our grandson, Connor, has been fascinated with building things! He could build elaborate things with Legos long before he could read the instructions. He comes from a long line of builders. I can remember my brother, Steve, being just like Connor when he was young. He was always constructing something. One time I remember Steve made a little man out of Tinker Toys, rubber bands, and bobby pins, a spool and some other stuff. He smuggled all the parts to the dining room table to make the man made instead of doing his homework. I think he still has it to this day! Grandpa Fred liked to build, and of course we have Grampa Jim who loves to build and Connor's dad, Chris, does too. We even have Uncle Robert and Uncle Lowell who have built some great things so the influence to build surrounds Connor!

Chris has a car in his office at work that Connor built long ago that is absolutely amazing. Just take a look at this Black Beauty that Missy found a photograph of to send over. Now Connor's grandmother (that would be me) cannot even put a simple puzzle together so I am in awe of all the pieces he has so intricately fashioned in to this car!

Come to think of it, Connor's siblings and cousins are pretty handy with building things too. There is a special post about Aynslee coming soon that will amaze you. Check out the Igloo that Uncle Lowell, Piper and Julia made last week at (Lowell's Blog listed on my right side panel of my blog). Spencer and Ross have made some awesome things too! Well, I admire all of them as building is not that easy! It makes me wonder what Connor will be when he grows up since he has this amazing ability so young.

As for Connor, he already thinks he would like to be an author. He absolutely loves reading and is very good at it. He reads like an adult and and is only in second grade. He has been enjoying the Harry Potter series. So far he has been allowed to read the first two and I think the plan is one per year to allow him to grow up along with Harry. Here is a great shot of "Connor Potter" in his Halloween get-up. Remarkable resemblance, don't you think? Missy "built" this costume I am sure. The moms in our family are pretty awesome at building too!

Connor has written his own stories which he has asked Aynslee to color, and then he holds his own book sales. I know Aunt Jen has bought at least one and said it was great!

When Connor lived in China he went to a Chinese school where no English was spoken. He learned a lot of the language in preschool and kindergarten One day he rescued Missy by locating a restroom after her attempts failed to communicate the need to someone. Connor just stepped up and rattled off something in Chinese and they found it with no problem. He tried to teach me some Chinese and all I remember is that one is pronounced E and two is pronounced R. After that he lost me! The sky is the limit for Connor...we are proud of you and love you, Big Guy! Keep up the good work!


Miss Jen said...

very cute~that lego car is amazing! go Connor!