Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Snow Trip and The Survivors

Getting there!

Well, they made it home safe and sound. It snowed, wet gooey snow most of the time. At one point Jim slipped and told me it was "terrible" aha...I knew it. But then he quickly corrected himself and said the night's sleep was terrible, ahem...but they had a super great time.

Yeahrite, Baby!

Maybe what it is they just have to get far far away from home and hang out with the guys once in awhile and they choose things that no woman in her right mind would want to do just so they don't have to say, " Sorry, I'd rather just go with my friends, Honey!"

The accommodations

But seriously, I think I am offended that given the choice of sleeping at home in our warm comfy bed with me or sleeping here ...he picked here! What on earth? No tent just a tarp on a rope? Good grief! He said it snowed so much that the tarp kept getting closer and closer to his face all night. Ummm, fun! At 2:00 am he woke up with a call from nature...more fun! Hot dogs, chips, a rotten apple and a day old piece of toast with peanut butter...I'm feelin' the love, are you?

And I take back what I said about the
new generation having wised up~

Look how many kids went along! Amazing!

Dave and Kyle kick back~don't they look comfy?

Johnny basking in the clouds!

Our Home Teachers having some fun!
Parker and Travis

Our former Bishop March and his son Kyle.
Fathers and sons enjoying their special time.
I'm diggin' those chartreuse pants!

Buddies enjoying the good times.

Beautiful Scenery, one point for that!

Best friends hanging out together!


Our former, former Bishop Capson.
Boys and Bishops, more point for that!

Buddies building with their tools!~
We all know how they love their tools, right?

Frolicking on the igloo
they built that all the boys
could fit in at the same time

Dave taking in the splendor of it all!
Father of three girls,
the man has gotta get away
and do guy stuff once in awhile!

I do get it and I can see how they love it and
I am so happy they went, they are home safely
and they made some fun frozen memories together.
I would never deprive them of their bonding moments~
Nor would I ever horn in on them.
That is the way is is supposed to be! Right?

Viva la Difference!
And I'm singin'...I Enjoy Being A Girl!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Headlines for Today~Gird Up Your Loins...

Haiti less than 2 months ago


When I wake up in the morning there is usually something I want to write about on my mind first thing. This morning I was thinking about adversity, the Last Days, and the 2nd Coming of Christ. Then I clicked onto my computer and saw the news about the major earthquake in Chili 8.8 with the effects threatening to be having some affect on 1/4 of the globe! I read that the effects may even be felt as far away as Japan. The Pacific Islands including Hawaii, Alaska, Coastal California may be hit with a tsunami...Hawaii being the most lightly target for now with La Jolla, CA and other coastal towns bracing, just in case.

I don't know about you but that makes me feel very small and insignificant when I think of the power and force behind these natural disasters. They seem to be coming at an ever-increasing pace. The prophecies of the last days are happening right before our eyes. As faithful Christians we look forward to the 2nd coming of Christ and our humanness also allows us to dread what will be and already is coming before hand. Sometimes it makes me want to just gather all the chicks back to the nest where we can just be together to weather the storms coming. We just want to make sure there are no empty chairs, that we are all on the same page and embedded in the same faith in Jesus Christ. That we can be together as a family and support each other close at hand. It is probably not to be in this life, but it is what we want.

Personally, I feel like for the last several years the trials and adversity suffered by families and individuals seems to be increasing quite rapidly too. Is that just me or do you feel it too? My prayer list get longer and longer.

30 years ago there were not as many people affected by the huge things as there seem to be now. Just about every family we know has something major to be dealing with~things that are life changing and very difficult. Things that are wide spread like birth defects, cancer, autism, devastating illnesses, unemployment, loss of homes, substance abuse, divorce, human slave trading and trafficking, increasing crime in every corner of the globe, etc.

The paradox to me is that traditionally and historically these types of things have brought people closer to God but looking around it feels like just the opposite is happening this time. What I see is the faithful getting more faithful and the unbelievers seem to be increasing in their pride and thoughts that they can handle life on their own. They are all for living it up, doing your own thing and the heck with any kind of moral conscience. Is this just me or do you agree?

The biggest perplexity to me comes when I wonder why people choose not to look to Christ. It is just that 'looking to the serpent on the stick and living' as we have read about in the old testament too easy? Are people just too stubborn to admit they might need divine help? Or even worse, to admit there actually is divine help? I know I say this all the time, but it really is odd to me.

A friend of mine is suffering a devastating loss of employment and loss of her home right now as she lives in a cottage on the estate in England where she has been employed as a chef. The family in the big house is splitting up, the property being sold and she and her husband are left out in the cold. No job, no house. Of course this has knocked them for a loop but this wonderful LDS couple has such strong faith and it will see them through this rough spot in their earth life.

On one of her two really down days I wrote this on her post as a comment....

Painting by Greg Olsen

"I once heard a talk, I think it was by Sherry Dew and she talked about living a life so intuned with the Lord that when you awaken in the morning the Devil says, "Oh, No, she's awake!"

One of his biggest tools is discouragement and when we awake refreshed and full of faith it so pleases the Lord and disgruntles the other one. That is you, Marie. Full of faith and pressing forward with a prefect brightness of hope. I love you and things will work out.

When I have discouragement I try to remember that picture by Greg Olsen where the little girl is reaching up to Christ and He is leaning over to give her a hand up. He is there and you are reaching up! I am so proud of you.

And sometimes you just have to keep thinking in faith until you truly adopt that paradigm into your heart, hook line and sinker, that God really is in charge. That is when the fear leaves and the peace comes. I have had to do that many times with Hazel's health issues and other things too. It is incredibly amazing to be lifted up by the strong arm of the Lord."

Marie is so strong and she and Todd (who is in his 70's) will survive and prosper and their faith will lift them up. Is there any other way to deal with the adversities of life that really help? If so, I am not aware of them. A little oil in our lamps each day helps us to be prepared and prayers for others really makes a difference.

I have more thoughts on this...maybe tomorrow I'll do part 2.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Call Me Crazy.....But?

Sometimes I am completely compelled to write one of my "I don't get men" posts. Today I have been recuperating from all the projects that culminated this week. It is a rainy, dreary kind of day and pretty windy. A perfect day for staying home. Unfortunately, I did have to run to the post office, stop by my hair dresser's house and go the grocery store. The minute I got in the car it started pouring. I am so glad I spent time on my hair this now looks like I just got out of the shower! And I'm shivering and drenched just from unloading the groceries. And remember we are 32 feet above sea level here and it is just rain, right? Still I did not like being cold and wet one bit.

OK, so guess what my hubby and his friends are doing? They are going snow camping in the mountains this weekend. Yep! They are taking a bunch of middle-aged know the ones from {{middle earth}} and going to go sleep in the wet, slushy snow. And the rain and wind we are having here will no doubt be snowy and blizzardy there. Ahhh, remind me how this is fun again?

It started out with 3 adults and 5 boys. Jim said he expects some of the kids will bail so it may just end up being the 3 never-say-die, oldsters (You did see City Slickers, right?) and a couple of kids.

Sometimes in our ward it is hard to tell who these activities are really for...but I do have my suspicions. I think the problem is they are just growing teens wiser these days. They'd rather do sane things stay home and be warm and comfy and hang out. But not these old guys they are out for an adventure and an adventure they'll have, by cracky!

One time they rode their bikes across CA as a "Scout" activity and I think there were two old duffers for every kid. I think they just love getting into their spandex to tell you the truth! Boys will be boys and men will be boys...isn't that how it goes? Don't get me wrong, I am not begrudging them their fun..I am happy for them! I just don't get the fun part of this. My bad.

Anyway, call me crazy but there is not one thing I can think of I'd rather do less than go camping in the snow tonight. Not even having a root canal! As for me, I am bundling up in a blankey with a good book or a movie by the fire and continuing on with my decompression that is long over due. I like that kind of a comfort zone on the weekend, not sleeping outside in a snow storm. And that is why I am glad we are only "one" metaphorically!

The only part of the snow camping I ever have to endure is the "airing out" of all the camping paraphernalia when he gets home. Whaaa...? Does your husband air out his mess kit for a week on the window sill? Really, it's tin ..... we do have dish towels? (Scratching my head in bewilderment here!)

Well, I'll worry about that tomorrow when they return. As for today I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my toasty, warm laziness! Have yourself a good one! Any slow burn I get is going to be from the fireplace, not the freezer.

Love you, Bon

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Now This is Exciting!

If you visit my blog on a regular basis you know that my life has been crazy for the past six months. Well, probably longer~ but I have let those stresses slip away! Well, today I will be done with the Stake Women's Conference presentation that has been nestling in my mind for months now. All seems to be ready, and my new blog on beginning blogging is officially launching today.
This blog is still small but it is an attempt to help people interested in beginning to blog their life stories or special interest blogs get started. It is an electronic handout for my presentation. There is a button on my blog sidebar featuring this lovely blogger:

By clicking on it you will be taken directly to the blog anytime you want. So I am excited to be at least at a resting point on this project, although it will be ongoing, if interest persists in the idea. Especially if bloggers comment/ask questions and it becomes interactive.

So bathroom done...Check
Project done............Check
Tax Prep..................Next Up
Breathe....................After That!

So all those things are great but here is my really big exciting news!

The response from all of you on the bathroom post has overwhelmed me. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments. You are truly my friends. When you work so hard on something it is nice to have people love it! You are all welcome to come over, lock the door and have a nice relaxing bath whenever you want! In fact the guest room is nearby so stay awhile!

And this is the really really exciting thing for me...

Melissa Michaels from The Inspired Room linked to my post on her blog!! If you follow the link and scroll down to #6 you will see it! This is a big deal to me because I adore her blog, her decorating and design sense is over the top impeccable, and she has a huge following and I am stunned that she would do this! It is very humbling and exciting. She is the publishing editor I have worked under at Blissfully Domestic (my post for them on Guest Rooms to further entice you to come for a visit.)

This has made for a really lovely way to start the day!
If you see a big flash of is me grinning!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The New Bathroom At Last Revealed!

View from the door
Love the crown on the window tops
Click Click for a bigger view on all photos

The tub!

The fun tub caddy

The shower faucetry for the tub

The fun stuff on the window sill
The glass picks up the morning sunlight so beautifully!

The sink~love it!The sconces up close They can point up or down!The baffles for the can ceiling lights. There are five.

More fun light catchers on the other window sill.

Our garden boy from the nursery
wanted to bring the outside in!
He has a little nest with eggs on his head
~urging spring to be ours~

My beloved funny angel with the glass eyes~Angelo~
Yes, I have been robbing a lot of other rooms!

Sunflowers snagged from our bedroom!
Corner of the sink and window that faces
the pond and waterfall outside.

Outside view above the tub

On the shower wall behind the tub. The towels and little architectural element holding the place where Laura's La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) sign will go when she is done making it. Check out the glass rod on the chrome towel bars. Be still my beating heart!

The throne as I know the kids will want
to see every square inch!

We got a tall one for people over 5 feet.

The Fresco we received from some past tenants of my mom's when they moved! So Italian..I have loved this thing for years~ it finally has the proper place to be.

Our cottage has lots of brick so love the glass
tile root beer colored brick trim in the shower.

The shower 4x5 feet and no that part!

Another tub shot

The art work~ 2 etchings by a street artist
in Venice.
Given to us by Laura.

Our Italy trips have influenced our remodel for sure.Can't really capture these with a camera
too well but they are so neat!

The colors are perfect and they were purchased
long before this bathroom was conceived.

Ahhh, Venice! Who Can Forget Her?

Usually I would start with the art work as inspiration for the room but everything was selected before I saw these and Laura was sweet enough to part with them. They were in her garage in a tube just waiting to be whisked to America and framed!

Can I just tell you how happy we are to have this bathroom and to finally be done with the construction. Our contractor, Steve, and Jim worked themselves silly over it and it was a bit like giving birth. Now that the labor is over.. it is time to be thankful and to enjoy! I don't know what our favorite part changes daily. What do you like best?

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