Monday, February 22, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook~February 22, 2010

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So, For Today...Monday, February 22, 2010

Outside my window... it is noon and a gorgeous day today! There are trees with little pink and white blossoms everywhere. There is a squirrel on the roof about five feet from my office window. The promise of spring is in the air. There is a gentle breeze and it is not quite warm enough to throw open all the windows....but soon...maybe even a little later today. Whoopee!

I am thinking...about our beautiful niece, Rebecca, who passed away on this day 12 years ago. She was 26 and the mommy of a two year old when her cancer took its course and she was gone. We miss her very much.

I am also thinking that I am tired but it is mostly mental as the bathroom is 99% done and my big project for the Women's Conference is 99% done and I just need to give it that last little push and I will be completely done. Whew! Celebrate Friday comes to mind.

I am thankful for...being able to finish most things I start even when they are long running and hard. It is such a nice feeling to "get there!"

From the learning room..everything has to take its course. In due time it is replaced with a new concern or project or challenge~welcome to earth life. I am finally learning to just take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey, or at least not fret so much. I don't think I would go back to age 40 for anything in the world. I love what I have learned about life management since then.

I am reading...Vienna Prelude...yep, still at it. Plodding along in a very exciting book at a tortoise pace. My life is about to be more relaxed starting next week!

From the kitchen...My cooking for the week is done and I am glad about it!

I am wondering..about people like Emily Merrill. She is so cute and energetic and full of fun. She wanted to make croutons today for a funeral luncheon we are doing for a friend's mom who passed away this week. This young woman has five kids. Yet she is willing to make croutons! I love her for that and wonder if I use to be like that...cuz I sure just would buy my croutons now! The old gray mare ain't what she use to be, but I don't think I was ever that cool.

I am wearing...jeans, brown shirt and vest, cute earrings from Italy, and also a great bracelet given to me by Laura. Socks and crocs complete this lovely ensemble. Haha!

I am hearing..An airplane overhead and a bug that just hit my window doing about 20 miles per hour! Ouch! It is quiet mostly and I am wondering when was the last time I heard quiet? Many moons.

I am work on my presentation this afternoon. The Conference is Thursday night. I had a coloring party this morning with my wonderful Monday Group and they helped me color the jacket and earrings on a Maxine cartoon to give a little life to my 200 handouts. When was the last time you colored with your friends? It was fun!

Today if I could change one would be not having to do my hair and make up every single day. Ugh! That really gets old, doesn't it? Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up looking naturally beautiful instead of looking like a scarecrow?

I am quoting
..."The world is a looking glass and gives back to each person a reflection of his attitude." author unknown

My spiritual thoughts include...peace in the Savior and all He has done for me, personally and for all those I love and every person to ever live. I am always perplexed by those who would choose otherwise? I am thankful for the gift of faith and my testimony of the truth.

Around the feels brand new to have a beautiful bathroom after 32 years. I am in heaven...I just want to hang out in there. It was so bad before I don't even have a before picture but the after photos will be posted within 24 hours. I cannot wait to share it with you.

I am missing...Always the kids and grandkids but beyond that my cup runneth over in all areas. I feel so blessed.

I am maybe go to Utah around General Conference time (early April.)

I have been procrastinating...Tax prep, I will do it on Saturday while Jim is snow camping with the church boys. I have never been this late before!

One of my guilty pleasures...well, I'd like to say raw carrots...but I'd be lying so....the fat cinnamon raisin toast from Trader's Joe's is more forthright!

One of my favorite things...Early mornings in San Francisco when the sane people are still asleep. One of my favorite dates with my hubby.

A few plans for the rest of the week...hang out with my brother and run through our PowerPoint presentation together. He'll be running the computer but needs to know what I am practice is in order for our dog and pony show. We always have fun together so it is something I am excited about doing. If I have time I'll try to find a new dress or skirt & jacket for the conference. My friend Lanette told me that she heard you cannot fail when you have a new outfit, it will always be a successful presentation. OK, I'm adopting that one! That way we both get a new outfit! Friday I am playing..not sure what yet. Maybe dinner and a movie with a friend?? Any takers? And then Saturday tax time.

Here is a picture and thought I am sharing with you...

I just love this picture it is just so homey looking and inviting. I like my home to have that look of being loved. I love creating within the four walls of our home. I want it to be special for our family and a memory making experience to share it with friends. It just takes attention to details and surrounding yourself with things you love, collected over time. They do not need to be expensive, they just need to mean something to you. As you accessorize you will begin to notice you have a thread that runs through the things that you love~there is unity. I have seen that in so many of the homes I have decorated...the thread magically holds it all together.

That is it for this week, sweet friends! And if you got this far your truly are sweet!


Caroline Craven said...

How do you already have your cooking done for the week? I'd like more info on that please. Do you cook everything and then just freeze it? Do you cook a few meals and then count on left-overs? I haven't even shopped yet! I love that you have fun hanging out with your brother. I have four brothers and don't have the best relationship with any of them, not antagonistic (mostly), just not close. I see Kenna and Trevor being best buddies and can't even imagine that kind of a relationship with any of my brothers. But my sisters and sisters-in-law are a different story. I count them as my best friends and could talk about anything with them. Good luck on your presentation Thursday night. I agree with Lanette that a new outfit makes failure "not and option". Wish I had known that for a few presentations/lessons I've given over the years. I will also be adopting that policy. Love the picture of the living room. I too love creating a happy, comfy, cozy space for my family and they appreciate what I do, but if that were in my home there would be pillows all over the floor, the flowers would be dead or at least wilted and a few pairs of dirty socks and shoes would be scattered about, along with books, homework, etc. I've always wanted a "magazine living room" but have never quite been able to pull off the look.

Marie said...

Great day book Bonnie, and I love your picture at the end. What a pretty room! How sad to lose someone you love at such an early age. It just doesn't seem natural, but thankfully the Gospel is a great comfort to us. I love to colour as you know! (I also love to make croutons! hehe) xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon Bon,
A good daybook post. That is so neat you are getting to do this with your brother. how fun is that!!
Yes, you need a new outfit, I agree with your friend. I will make you feel more confident, if you feel like you look great! That is definitely a woman thing!! I will pray that you find just the perfect ensemble!!
So sad about you niece, she was so
young. That must be very hard at times.
I know you are gonna do a bang up job on your conference and know you will be relieved when it is over tho. It is always like that!
Next week is gonna be a fun week at Bonnie's house I have a feeling!
No work, only play, at least for a few days. Well, you take care
and have a wonderful conference.
I'll be praying for you hon.
Love ya, Nellie