Saturday, February 27, 2010

Headlines for Today~Gird Up Your Loins...

Haiti less than 2 months ago


When I wake up in the morning there is usually something I want to write about on my mind first thing. This morning I was thinking about adversity, the Last Days, and the 2nd Coming of Christ. Then I clicked onto my computer and saw the news about the major earthquake in Chili 8.8 with the effects threatening to be having some affect on 1/4 of the globe! I read that the effects may even be felt as far away as Japan. The Pacific Islands including Hawaii, Alaska, Coastal California may be hit with a tsunami...Hawaii being the most lightly target for now with La Jolla, CA and other coastal towns bracing, just in case.

I don't know about you but that makes me feel very small and insignificant when I think of the power and force behind these natural disasters. They seem to be coming at an ever-increasing pace. The prophecies of the last days are happening right before our eyes. As faithful Christians we look forward to the 2nd coming of Christ and our humanness also allows us to dread what will be and already is coming before hand. Sometimes it makes me want to just gather all the chicks back to the nest where we can just be together to weather the storms coming. We just want to make sure there are no empty chairs, that we are all on the same page and embedded in the same faith in Jesus Christ. That we can be together as a family and support each other close at hand. It is probably not to be in this life, but it is what we want.

Personally, I feel like for the last several years the trials and adversity suffered by families and individuals seems to be increasing quite rapidly too. Is that just me or do you feel it too? My prayer list get longer and longer.

30 years ago there were not as many people affected by the huge things as there seem to be now. Just about every family we know has something major to be dealing with~things that are life changing and very difficult. Things that are wide spread like birth defects, cancer, autism, devastating illnesses, unemployment, loss of homes, substance abuse, divorce, human slave trading and trafficking, increasing crime in every corner of the globe, etc.

The paradox to me is that traditionally and historically these types of things have brought people closer to God but looking around it feels like just the opposite is happening this time. What I see is the faithful getting more faithful and the unbelievers seem to be increasing in their pride and thoughts that they can handle life on their own. They are all for living it up, doing your own thing and the heck with any kind of moral conscience. Is this just me or do you agree?

The biggest perplexity to me comes when I wonder why people choose not to look to Christ. It is just that 'looking to the serpent on the stick and living' as we have read about in the old testament too easy? Are people just too stubborn to admit they might need divine help? Or even worse, to admit there actually is divine help? I know I say this all the time, but it really is odd to me.

A friend of mine is suffering a devastating loss of employment and loss of her home right now as she lives in a cottage on the estate in England where she has been employed as a chef. The family in the big house is splitting up, the property being sold and she and her husband are left out in the cold. No job, no house. Of course this has knocked them for a loop but this wonderful LDS couple has such strong faith and it will see them through this rough spot in their earth life.

On one of her two really down days I wrote this on her post as a comment....

Painting by Greg Olsen

"I once heard a talk, I think it was by Sherry Dew and she talked about living a life so intuned with the Lord that when you awaken in the morning the Devil says, "Oh, No, she's awake!"

One of his biggest tools is discouragement and when we awake refreshed and full of faith it so pleases the Lord and disgruntles the other one. That is you, Marie. Full of faith and pressing forward with a prefect brightness of hope. I love you and things will work out.

When I have discouragement I try to remember that picture by Greg Olsen where the little girl is reaching up to Christ and He is leaning over to give her a hand up. He is there and you are reaching up! I am so proud of you.

And sometimes you just have to keep thinking in faith until you truly adopt that paradigm into your heart, hook line and sinker, that God really is in charge. That is when the fear leaves and the peace comes. I have had to do that many times with Hazel's health issues and other things too. It is incredibly amazing to be lifted up by the strong arm of the Lord."

Marie is so strong and she and Todd (who is in his 70's) will survive and prosper and their faith will lift them up. Is there any other way to deal with the adversities of life that really help? If so, I am not aware of them. A little oil in our lamps each day helps us to be prepared and prayers for others really makes a difference.

I have more thoughts on this...maybe tomorrow I'll do part 2.


Connie said...

I agree with every word you said, my friend. You are not only a gifted writer, but an insightful and spiritual person who lifts me on an almost daily basis. Thank you so much for your inspiring words! I love you so much, Bon. ♥

Bonnie said...

Thank you sweet, Connie...the lifting is mutual my good, good friend! I am glad you read...I'm compelled to do it. If for no one but you, my effort would be worth it!

Shaun at Oak Den said...

It is all just a little bit crazy, isn't it? I have no doubt that we are living in the last days and I have always been a little bit excited about that prospect. But the older I get the more I worry for my children and nieces and nephews and other family members, and what will I do when I have grandchildren? Oh my! It is a hard world we live in and the scripture about "be not weary in well doing" has much significance for me.

So on a lighter and somewhat related note: enjoy that gorgeous bathroom while you can, while we still have running water and electricity and hot water heaters and scented soaps and lotions. haha! Seriously, it is really very beautiful! I'm happy for you.

Hope you had a cozy time with the fire and a good book and that Jim survived his adventure! Men are too funny.

Blessed Sabbath to you tomorrow!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Awesome, thought provoking post Sweet Bonnie!

Yes, I am amazed by the people who think they can handle life without the Lord...Oh my....HOW?

One of the things that has really been bothering me lately are the people who are so intolerant of believers. I just don't get it. There was a story a short time ago about a cross in an untraveled area (I can't remember where, exactly), but it had been put there some 70 years ago and some folks are up in arms and want it removed. I'm baffled. Why can't they just avoid that area if it offends them? Or, can't they just realize that some people don't believe the same way that they do and that's ok? They want any mention or acknowledgment of God removed EVERYWHERE.

I can't begin to tell you how touched I was to find that you had prayed for me first thing this morning. I LOVE that. What a treasure you are. Thank you SO much. The pain is still HORRIBLE, but I'm hoping it's going to pass soon. I've seen two Dr.s and been to the ER. I can't figure out whey they don't take some x-rays or something....

Huge hugs to you dear one.....


Marie said...

Bonnie, I was ever so grateful for your sweet comment the other day. Todd and I will be ok because we are strengthened and upheld daily by the arm of our Lord. We have a plan now and we feel peace about it all. I think that anyone with even the slightest powers of discernment should see all these events as exactly what they are. They need to turn their hearts to the Gospel before it is to late. I love you Bonnie. You are a dear, kind and sweet friend. Thanks for all your special prayers and support. They truly means the world to me. xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh My Dear Bonnie,
What a Wonderful post. I could not agree with you more! These are times for clinging to the hem of his garment, not going our own way.
You are so right about all the signs of his coming I believe we are near the midnight hour, Truly!!
I know exactly what you mean about the family all gathered to be a support and help to one another, in fact, when the Lord sent Scott here, I even wondered if that was the reason. Since he is a grower
and could grow food.
We never know what a day will bring or when we will see the Great appearing of our Lord Jesus
Christ coming in the clouds with that mighty shout, and what a glorious day it will be!
No more sadness, no more tears, and ear has not heard nor mind can comprehend what God has in store for those who love Him!!
I am with you who would not want that??? and really who can make it thru this life in one pc. without
Him!! I would not even want to try for 2 seconds, I think it would be awful. No hope, no one to turn to, no encouragment only
sadness and desperation. Count me out!!
I will surely pray for your couragesous friends who are going thru this scary trial, but are hanging on to their Lord!! Good for them, and as Romans 8:28 says, He will work all things together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purposes. That is the hope that they have. A Blessed Hope at that, and that is the hope every believer in Christ has!
Maranatha.........Come Lord Jesus!! We love you!

Love you too Bonnie, you have a great heart!!

Caroline Craven said...

Bonnie - I think you are right on every point. I mentioned to Kent just yesterday morning that it seems to me there in an increase in these natural disasters and it seems even more pronounced in the past couple of years. They are becoming COMMON, not uncommon. Then last night during our family scripture study we read Alma 37 and I was struck by the entire chapter, but particularly the last half. That is one of my favorite passages and so beautifully written. I've been a bit peeved lately at my nursery calling, but after reading that I decided I'd better get over my pity-party and keep moving forward. Funny how my mom having cancer didn't derail me, but a dumb nursery calling kind of has. Thanks for your inspiring words.