Monday, February 8, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook~February 8, 2010

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So, For Today...Monday, February 8, 2010

Outside my is dark and cold. I can tell because I feel the coldness coming through the walls here at my desk. I hope it will be a sunny day but I have not checked the weather report.

I am thinking...I wish I could get a day that was not filled with mundane stuff I have to do so I could just work on my PowerPoint script for my RS Conference presentation. I am so blessed to have a brother that knows how to do anything on the computer and he is always willing to help me.

I am thankful for...Blessing after blessing after blessing that I feel so unworthy to receive sometimes. I just marvel at the generosity of a loving Father in Heaven.

From the learning room..I am just loving technology and this is not anything I would have supposed about myself in my younger years. I am going with my brother, Steve, to the Mac World Convention in SF this week and really looking forward to the time with him and the experience. Fun times ahead.

I am blogs trying to find suitable teaching elements in them for the blogging class.

From the kitchen...had company last night so now I need to go shopping again for the week ahead. Didn't I just do that? The cycle of things that never end...

I am wondering...if any of you saw the movie, Amelia and if you liked it? I saw it over the weekend and enjoyed it very much. It is kind of a different movie..almost like a documentary about Amelia Earhart. I thought Hilary Swank was absolutely amazing in the role. She is such a beautiful woman and so talented. If you are looking for a lot of intrigue and fast-paced action, this may not be your movie. It is a mellow look at a very brave and inspiring woman. I had heard it was more about an affair she had than her flying. I couldn't disagree more. That was a very insignificant subplot and handled subtlety. The movie is PG not even PG 13. I liked it.

I am wearing...white jammies.

I am hearing..You Make Me Feel Like Dancing. Leo Sayer. Too bad it is not true at this ungodly hour of the day!

I am Home Depot today to return a medicine cabinet we decided we didn't want and to buy some baffles for the can lights in our new bath. I am going to say it will be nearly done on the inside by next weekend's sunset. I hope that didn't jinx it! It's painted, shower is tiled and beautiful..just needs grout today. Mill work around the windows going in this week. The floor was laid on Saturday...that claw foot tub should be in by Saturday. The closet will need some finishing work and the toilet and pedestal sink will need to be installed along with the wall scones...Dare i say it, "We are almost there. YAY!!!"

If I could change one would be to be living closer to all our kids and grandkids.

I am quoting...a conversation between my daughter, Jen and her 4 year old, Chloe..."
Chloe: I hate tutus. Mama: Really? Why?
Chloe: They're pink and twirly and I HATE 'em!" I guess Jen can scratch the ballet lessons off the list of possibilities! I think this is cute because it is just so Chloe. She is just so dramatic and cute and funny and four.

My spiritual thoughts include...I am utterly amazed at the people that prayed for our little granddaughter, Hazel, last week when she was hospitalized for pneumonia. ( Why do people chose to live without the benefit of the Lord and prayer in their lives? This one totally escapes me, it really does. It is so self-defeating in every possible way.) Sorry for the tangent thought...Anyway, we are so grateful that she has been able to come home from the hospital with her oxygen. Those prayers and the tender mercies of our God lifted her right out of that hospital bed in record time.

Around the house...Pretty good shape except for all the bathroom stuff in the guest room..hopefully by this time next week it will be in its place and we can get that bedroom back.

I am missing...My Mom and Dad, so often I just have things I'd like to share and discuss with them.

I am hoping...that friends that are facing problems of all varieties will be OK.

I have been procrastinating...making my annual doctor visit appointments.

One of my guilty pleasures...blogging.

One of my favorite things...the nice little things Jim does for me.

A few plans for the rest of the week...thinking about what we can do for a little Valentine's Day celebration, RS work, women's conference work, scripting for the Power Point presentation, working on my new blog for bloggers, picking up the art work I had framed for the new bathroom, Friday night date night with the Hubby, mailing a box of crafting stuff to Italy. Planning a redesigned master bedroom get away for a sweet friend.

Here is a picture and thought I am sharing with you...

From this to this due to prayer, love, and good medical care!

Home at Last!


Caroline Craven said...

Yea, Hazel is home from the hospital!!! That is great news. I, too, love Hillary Swank and am looking forward to seeing her movie. Your bathroom sounds so beautiful. I have always loved claw-foot tubs and wonder if I will ever have one. Everyone else in the family is loving the jetted tub, I do too, but what is nostalgic about that? I love the picture of Hazel having fun at home.

LA Adams said...

Yeah for the tender mercies!

Marie said...

Loved your daybook Bon!! But the best part of all, is the picture at the end of little Hazel looking so much better! Praise God! xxoo