Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Can I Thank You?

Today I received this comment from a sweet lady that doesn't blog but found my blog through her daughter and my friend, Shaun. Since I couldn't go to her blog to respond I am responding in this open letter to her.

This is what she sent me:

"Dear Bonnie: One of my favorite things is to read your blog daily. You are very multi-talented. I don't blog but there are a few blogs I love to read and yours is Numero UNO! Another of my favorite things is your husband's million-dollar smile in every one of his photos! He always has a happy countenance to go along with your own beautiful smile! Thank you for being a pleasant part of my days. --Dorothy--(Shaun's mom"

Dear Dorothy,

These roses are for you!

Do you have any idea how you have made my day by sending this message? This is a perfect example of how the Lord blesses us through the lives of others. You didn't have to reach out as you did, but I so appreciate your kind words. To be 'numero uno' in someone's book is a rare privilege and it makes me want to try harder to give you something great to read each day.

I know a lot of people read blogs and never comment and that's fine. But it is very heart-warming to have someone stop in and say hello and let you know you added something pleasant to their day. Thank you for going the extra mile!

Recently my good friend, Faye, gave a talk at a special fireside we have each year when the Stake President and his wife speak to us. Faye, spoke about how the little things that people do can make such a difference in the happiness and well-being of others. She sighted several instances where this had occurred in people's lives and the giver of the sweet, small thing had totally forgotten it over time, or had been totally unaware of the impact. But the receiver kept that treasured moment in their hearts and it changed them for the better.

So thank you, Dorothy, for doing that for me today. No wonder I just love your daughter, Shaun, so much, she has got a wonderful mom! Stay tuned to One Designing Woman, I'll work harder then ever, you've inspired me to keep at it.

Blessings to you, Dorothy, and Thank You again! I hope my friends will stop by and meet your beautiful Shaun. She has the cutest, most concise way of blogging and I think that is a real talent! And my Jim is going to love your comment about his big, happy smile!

Bonnie ♥ ♥ ♥


Connie said...

I SO agree that your blog is top-notch-numero-uno!!!! And so are YOU! Love you, love Jim, love your blog, love your many, many talents, etc. etc. etc. ♥

Marie said...

How wonderful a response Bonnie. When people leave comments on my page, they feel like wonderful hugs from faraway friends. I know that lots of people visit and never leave a comment, but there are days that I wish that they would, days when a few sweet words from a loving stranger would boost my spirits beyond belief. I know you get what I am saying. We are kindred spirits sweet friend. Love Jim's smile as well! He's a sweetie pie as are you! xxoo

Bonnie said...

Connie and Marie, thank you so much. I hope you know I wasn't sharing this because of what Dorothy said about me but for the fact that she took the time to be so kind. There are little angels all around us...but then you two know that because you are among them!

Shaun at Oak Den said...

I've been out of town and am now trying to catch up on all things blog-related. I'm so happy my Mom left you a comment! Awhile ago she told me she wanted to but didn't know if she "should" and I assured her that it would be fine and that you would LOVE to hear from her. I'm glad she finally did. And what a WONDERFUL response you wrote. You are so kind. And you know, I DO have a great Mom. I am very blessed.

Love to you!