Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Accessorizing with Scarves

While in Italy I picked up quite a few scarves. Scarves are huge in Europe and you rarely see anyone (male or female) without one in the colder weather. It is amazing how warm they are. Laura says that she enjoys watching the younger men in Italy...she think they dress like peacocks as they strut their stuff. I do remember some men in some very colorful (as in hot pink patterned scarves) in tailored, black suits ~ but that is another whole blog post. Today I am thinking about us girlies. A scarf is a fun, inexpensive accessory that can tie an outfit together and is easy to use.

I am no fashionista is my theory on accessorizing your wardrobe. Dressing is a lot like decorating your home. If you have something you like, accentuate it, if you have something you don't like, camouflage it. It is pretty hard to camouflage some things but if you distract the eye of the behold slightly, it helps. An example of this would be...add a scarf if you are a little self-conscious of your neck that is now starting to look a little saggy or wrinkly.

The converse is also true. If you want to detract from that area, don't wear a pair of chandelier earrings or a short (even if it's fabulous) necklace. Distracting and detracting is cheaper than a face lift and looks better too in most cases. Even if you are a 'go with the flow' type person, in the aging department and love the defining character of wrinkles, you can still enjoy a beautiful scarf.

The Brighton Collection accessories

I like accessories also because they can add a new look to classic clothing. You will see an example of this in the video below. Rather than buying a whole new outfit, add a cool bracelet, ring, or pair of earrings or a scarf. Or a great watch is nice or fancy belt if you can wear them. Personally, I never wear a belt as I only want to accentuate the positive! (Ahem)

I like to add whimsy sometimes because I think what you wear should be fun. This may be obvious by the bag I bought recently. It helps me remember that we should not take ourselves so seriously all the time. Fun accessories can lighten your load and be a little pick me up when worn appropriately. I'd never take that bag to the temple or a job interview but it is great for a lunch out, shopping or a movie. And you know me, I love a little sparkle around me. Why not? It is like lighting the candles at dinner time. It just adds a little something that says.."today I might just be doing the mundane, but I still want to dress it up a little." I am a denim and diamonds type of a gal.

Sadly, I think we need to remember that although clothing and accessories can enhance our appearance they cannot make us look like a different person, 50 pounds thinner or beautiful if we forget to wear a smile. We need to be who we are and as the sign my hair dresser use to have in her salon said.."I am a beautician not a magician!" So says an accessory.

The other thing I like about accessories is that as we is good to fight the frump as much as we can. Why is it that older men become distinguished, debonair, more handsome and interesting and older women fade into the woodwork? Part of it is I think we can let go of the trying at some point. As men become more confident in their experience and wisdom...women tend to throw in the towel to the younger woman. I know none of you are like that, but you do see it if you just casually look around. To me true beauty comes from within but it doesn't hurt to jazz up the outside a little too. My thinking may be a little delusional at 62, but at least I am having fun and want to keep trying!

So whoa...big digression! So on to the video .....

Here are some ways to wear a scarf that add some pizazz to your look. One of my favorite bloggers, Jen over at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam made this vlog on how to tie a scarf. Thought it was great and wanted to share it. Jen is an amazing woman, I have learned so much from her. She is a remarkable homemaker.


Marie said...

There's some great ideas here Bonnie! I don't know how you find this stuff, but I'm glad you do! xxoo

Bonnie said...

Thanks Marie! Most of the stuff I write about I just find floating aimlessly around in my head. I had been thinking about some scarves I had gotten in Italy and then I saw Jen's vlog and voila...a post was born.

Caroline Craven said...

I got a couple of scarves for Christmas but feel pretty limited to wearing them to church. Never even crossed my mind to use them with jeans for the movies or something boring like errands. Now I have something fun to look forward to, and I always love fighting the frump. It seems to be getting harder and harder every year. There is one store particularly that I used to shop at until my daughters reminded me that it is the same shop my mom and mother-in-law shop at and they were definitely clothing for "old" (not "older") women. Good gracious!!!

Bonnie said...

Caroline, you have always been super classy. I am sure you will look fab in your jeans and scarf. I wore one today out shopping. I did the scarf like Jen did where you put it around the back of your neck and then bring the ends forward. It was very comfy and stayed in place. I saw Faye at the store and the first things she said was..."Oh, like your scarf!" Too funny! That was very sweet of her!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Sweet Bon,
Am so sorry Hazie is not doing as well as hoped by now! Assuming she is still in the hospital??
Will keep praying for her, I am sure this can't help but worry all of you.
Have been wondering if you were okay, cause I have missed your coming by.
Everyone seemed to like Jim's blog.
I thought he did a very nice job on it and said some important things which I knew he would, and said some things I didn't expect,
that were very nice.
Yea, I think our fridges probably do look alike. You are so right about soy it is in everything.
I have fibroids and soy produces
estrogen in your body, so it makes my fibroids grow, such fun!!
So I try to avoid it but sometimes you don't realize that soybean oil
can do the same, but like you said it is in everything so it is really hard to avoid it.
Your poor daughter must go crazy trying to cook a meal. Poor dear!
I like wraps too, the only thing is most of them have hydrogenated oils. I have occasionally found some without tho. We used to get something called flatbread at a place like Sam's, called BJ's, but we no longer have a card with them, so we haven't had it in quite awhile. It had no bad oils.
It is so frustrating when you read the labels, cause it seems like if it is fat free or low fat the salt content is high or higher.
So you just have to make a choice.
I go for the good oils!
Well sweetie, will be praying for Hazie and Jenn and family,
Hope we see more improvement soon.
Have you seen the movie my sisters keeper??? We watched it Tuesday night and it was quite a movie,
think it might have some language
but we had the tv guardian on so don't know what they said, but don't think it was much cause we didn't notice any blimping. It really opened my eyes to how having a child with a sickness like that can so affect the whole household, and made me see it in a whole new light. If you watch it make sure you have your tissues near by tho. But it was good to watch because it makes you realize a lot. Course, I am sure you proably already know.
Have a good day, I will pray for you too, I know it is hard not to worry. I have been worried about poor Joey being alone all day! Seems silly but she is the closest thing to a grandchild I have!! lol Jim and I pray for her
every morning and that has helped me, but Scott told me yesterday she hasn't been eating. Broke my heart cause I am sure she is depressed and missing us.
I really have not missed her as much as I thought I would...Don't miss the work... and I have gotten a lot more done, not having to take her out and then she likes to stay outside, so I have to keep going back and checking on her.
Course because I don't have all that I have kept myself busy, so guess that is another reason. If I am this bad with the dog imagine me as a grandmother!! lol
Have a good day dear,
Love and hugs,
Oh Yea, we don't have a Trader Joe's is it??? sorry I didn't realize I had written a mini series. lol

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Me Again,
I loved the post on the scarves by the way, and the video. I used to use them a lot years ago, and I still put one on a hot pink sweat suit I wear around her, also use one on a beige denim button up dress I have and it looks really nice. They really do dress up something that would just be plain.
You should take some pics of you in your scarves from Italy.
Bye again,
Love ya, Nellie