Monday, January 14, 2008

Mitt, Mormons & Missionary Moments...

Yesterday during our Family History Sunday School class, I shared a quote by Boyd K. Packer which basically said that we should not just view the Church mission statement as a mission statement perse but more as a personal assignment for each of us. He said that we should be doing something on an on going basis in each area. I felt really good about the blogging I have been doing but realized in some of the areas there is much left undone.

Thinking along the lines of sharing the Gospel with others that we care about, this is not a strong area for us. It is mostly for lack of opportunity as much as anything. However, yesterday our neighbor called us and asked if we could come over and tell her and her lunch guests what we believe. With only a few minutes to prepare we copied the 13 Articles of Faith and off we went. During the short walk to her house we prayed we were prepared to give them the answers they were seeking as they were discussing each candidate for President.

We told them we were not that up on all the facets of each candidate but we were happy to share what Mormons believe. Ronnie and Louisa and Nicole are all Catholics (but not really practicing) so it was a fun discussion. We did our best to point out our similarities and differences. We discussed Mitt Romney and how we thought he would be as a President based on his moral convictions as a Latter-day Saint. We assured them we would not vote for him based solely on our common religion. I even told him I would sacrifice Mitt's opportunity in office if it meant no Hillary!

It was a delightful time and really a great experience. It made us very eager to fill a full time mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people that are interested and searching for something great in their lives. There is nothing like bearing your testimony to someone to reaffirm all that you hold dear. It is easy to take the gift we have for granted but we shouldn't. It is a great blessing in our lives.


Miss Jen said...

Wow! How cool, who are the neighbors? What an odd thing, I mean that never happens right?

We found out this weekend that Mitt is in the same ward as Dave Boyce, the 'drummer' from Extempo. Apparently he is a really fab, stand up guy--Mitt I mean. Who knew? I just lump all politicians in the same category usually: liars. But apparently Mitt is the real deal, according to Dave anyway.

You should write your conversion story on the blog. Someone at church yesterday (yes,I went!) shared a detailed description of theirs and it made me think you should do the same.

PS put your bookshelf on the bottom of your page so you can see all the books.

laura.elizabeth said...

Mom, this is so cool! I am glad you and Dad were there and willing and prepared. I love that Heavenly Father can use us to teach others in that way.