Monday, October 1, 2012

Mitt Romney Is My Choice

How is it that Presidential Election years come around so quickly?   How fortunate we are as Americans to be able to cast a vote for the candidate of our choice.  This is an exciting and wonderful liberty that we enjoy.  But somehow I always find that Election years stir a little something irritating within me. Politics just really annoy me on so many levels.  Politics and the media are a bad combination.  Ethical journalism seems to be absent in our society.  I am sick of the slant.

 I really abhor politicians that lack morality and good judgement.   I am appalled when reading about the lascivious behavior of people in the public eye with political power.  I am sick to death of their reckless spending and unmonitored expense accounts and irresponsibility and incredible waste.  I am tired of the rhetoric, the falsehoods and the out and out lies. And all the empty promises~spare me.

Adding insult to injury, all this happens at our expense, affecting our wallets and our piece of mind and everything in between. The wave of entitlement in this country is down right frightening.  The problems go much deeper than the squabbling between Republicans and Democrats.  These serious societal issues must be dealt with before it is too late.  The challenges of unemployment, the housing situation and tanking economy, welfare, the outsourcing, the trade agreements, the foreign policy, the education system, health care, rising crime rates and terrorism are beyond troubling. I could go on ad infinitum, we all could.  Are there any among us that don't want things to get better?  I don't think so. The solutions are very complex but one thing I know for sure.  It starts with the self-governance of the individual and the cohesiveness of good, value-based, nuclear families.

I have been voting in Presidential elections since I was 21.  Most of the elections have been trying to chose between the best of two bad choices.  This time is different.  To me the choice could not be more clear.  I am proud to stand up and say I am voting for Mitt Romney.  Barack Obama has not kept any of his promises to my knowledge.  Things are not better but rather they are worse.  The hope he spoke of has been dashed.  This has nothing to do with being a liberal or a conservation thinker.  I think we are all in favor of good change.  The proof is in the pudding.  His way is not working and he needs to be replaced.

I am not so naive as to think that one man is totally responsible for the current situation and climate in this country,  not Bush and not Obama.  Nor do I think one man can make a 180 degree difference in all of our problem areas in four years.  Quite frankly, I admire any person who decides to run for President of the United States because whomever they are, they will be hated by millions by the time they are done.  But I want to see some integrity in the promises made during the campaign and I do not want to see the complete opposite of what was espoused just 4 years later.

The candidates have the disadvantage of living under a microscope.  Every word, every move, every gaffe, every video, every everything is at our fingertips now.  It is disheartening to go back and listen to the words Obama spoke four years ago, realizing nothing has improved and he is saying the same things almost verbatim again.  Really?

Bottom line is I want someone in the white House that we can trust.  For me that is Mitt Romney.  His record of economic success and public economic recovery is self-evident.  I believe him to be a patriotic man with the country's best interests at heart.  His records both financial and personal are impeccable and have been made public.  I don't know either candidate personally, but I do know a lot about Mitt Romney and what he believes. He is a builder and I like that about him.

I know you may be thinking, "She is probably voting for Mitt because he is a Latter-day Saint and so is she."  Well, I simply wouldn't do that.  There are none perfect among us and there is no stereotypic Mormon either.  But the fact that is he is LDS and that the doctrine of Jesus Christ is a part of him is something that helps me make an informed choice.  I know enough about him because of the mission he served, his family life and his church callings to know he is a man who lives his religion with honor.  I also know that the opponents and media have dug as deeply as they possibly could to find the flaw and they came up with nothing.  So for me the choice is clear.  I do not vote for him because he is a Mormon but it is definitely a factor because I know what that means. I am a Mormon and have studied the doctrine for 35 years, so in a sense I do know him. 

Now Barack Obama on the other hand, all I really know about him is what the media wants me to know.  Ironically, the media which blatantly favors him, has not really done him any favors in the long run.  By rushing to be first to publish any lead story whether true or false, they have unwittingly managed to raise doubts in my mind about the integrity of the man. The hidden records about everything, his birth, his law degree records, his alias as a child, his Christian/not Christian affiliations, his big changes in his thinking for political gain, and his alleged refusal to salute the American flag...all these things are things I do not want to think about and worry or wonder about anymore.   The character of a man is something we can do nothing about.  And when we only have the media to go on it makes it tough.   I am sure Mitt is not perfect and I am also sure there are many good qualities in Obama.  I chose to take the high road on the things I do not know for sure. 

 But the things that I cannot abide politically are the things that have gone downhill under Obama's leadership when I see families around us losing their homes and out of work and gas going for $4.50 a gallon in our area.   The cost of groceries is terrible and the basics are not available to many because of the economy and poor leadership and an ineffective legislature.  That we can actually do something about by voting on November 6th.

Our Flag

One more thought on all of this.  This campaign has been particularly divisive among families and friends.  Civility has been tossed aside in some cases.  I find that incredibly sad.  The Black/Mormon issues, the Liberal/Conservative issues, and all the rest of it have really polarized people.  I don't claim to know it all, and I won't argue my points or choices with anyone.  But it does make me sad to think that as intelligent human beings we cannot honor another's right to have a differing viewpoint and that we cannot be OK with that and often feel a need to hurt others and be cruel about it.  The ideals of a country that is free and united do not support that type of behavior.

I trust you will think for yourself and make your own informed choice.  And I'd like to think you will allow me the same.  Nothing I have said in this post is meant to change anyone else's mind.   These are just my thoughts for today as we approach the debates this month, may we all be open to continually learning and choosing wisely.  The next four years depend on responsible choices on every level of government.  Let's exercise our right to make a difference in November.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Amen Bonnie,
I am with ya! things are just so out of hand and it is making everyone wonder if they can trust anyone.
Sad indeed!
We are praying that Romney does well in the debates and that the Lord puts the words in his mouth and that his opponent looks like who he really is.
Hope you are well hon,
Blessings, Nellie

Mike Grover said...

Great post, Bonnie. I'm with you 100%. Let's hope Romney is successful.

Marie said...

Well said Bonnie!! I just read this out to Todd as well, and he says the same! I know I am not an American and I do not have a vote, but I wish I did. The President of the United States is one of the most powerful men in the world and it is a vote which affects each of us which share this great planet. Todd and I have sorrowed the loss in status, respect and power the once great American Nation has achieved under the leadership of Obama. He was clearly NOT the best choice of the American people. I have always felt that he rode into the White House on the tail of Political Correctness, and more because he was black than for any other reason. Nobody should be elected purely for reasons of colour, religion or anything else. It should be because of policy and ethics and leadership qualities. While I thought it was wonderful that as a people we had finally come to the point where a Black Man COULD be voted in as President of the most powerful country in the world, that blackness clearly did not make him the best man for the job, because he has not done anything to improve America, and if anything he has sent it further down the creek and there is no paddle. I am hoping and praying that the American people do the RIGHT thing this time around. Wonderful post Bonnie. I am sharing if with my friends!! Love you lots and lots dear friend! xxoo

The Hopkins said...

I'm sad that I can't speak about what I feel and it's not just the presidential race. It's about the direction our society is going. I know it's fulfillment of prophecy but I didn't anticipate good people being on board with destructive behavior.

I thought everyone would want to have freedom of expression but personally I'm not experiencing it. My faith keeps me smiling knowing that the Lord is in charge and all things will work together for our good!

p.s. I can't bring myself to watch the debate....I enjoy putting my head in the sand....

Sister Susie said...

I'm for Romney as well! I'm tired of this far right liberal progressive (socialist/communist) party trying (in many cases being successsful) to change this nation from a capitalistic system to a socialist system. Each time a Democratic president gets in it's because they have rewarded these multi-generational welfare people with something else so they can get their votes! Extortion of the tax payers' money! From the womb to the tomb they have not paid a cent into the tax base yet they get free housing, food credit cards (which have been found to pay for booze at ABC liquior stores, sex parlors, etc), clothing allotment for all of their illegitiment (which the Bible calls bastard) children, cell phones and service, now Obamacare which covers everything (that we have to pay extra policies for with private insurances.) Obama wasn't in one week and he wanted to give them free cars and insurance! He surely backed off of that really quickly. If he gets in again (our GOD forbid) he will probably reward it to them! In 2 Thess. chp 3, GOD's WORD says if you refuse to work, YOU DON'T EAT! This is not the poor class. The poor class will work at any job they can get and I don't mind the assistance they may need. Romney is going to do away with our taxes paying for abortion clinics as well as changing the welfare rules for these multi-generational welfare recipients. Those girls start popping out babies from the time they are 12 or 13 years old and have 5-6 kids by the time they are in their mid 20's and could care less who the different fathers are. What's worse, they are immediately put onto medicaide which is a part of medicare. How can the govt. extort monies from those who have paid all of their lives and give to these who have never paid a cent. Then they wonder why there's not enough money for those retiring!!! As well as Obama taking 700 billion dollars from it to put into his Obamacare for those 45,000people who are on mutli-generational welfare!!! I'm
tired of the exploitation that is happening to those who work! I don't agree with the govt. taxing the rich 70% of their income to pay for all of the govt. spending. This country was founded upon those those who had the ingenuity and work ethic to prosper. Also families and churches took care of their own. Now it's the tax payers job; I don't think so! Sorry for getting on my band wagon! But Romney needs to get in and clean house with what these democrats "behind the scenes" law making has done to corrupt this nation! I can't understand how laws can be made for same sex marriage when there are already laws on the books against sodomy, dah!!! I have joined 2 different "40 days of prayer" for our country and for Romney to be elected. No persons get into office but who GOD Almighty has allowed. I pray this has opened up the hearts and minds of the people to see this country needs to come back to the LORD our GOD or it will go the way of all of the past civilizations. This may have to occur for the anti-christ to come into power. We may be closer to the end of the latter days than we know! Love to you and yours and for Romney getting into office! Susan

Sister Susie said...

THe LORD answered my prayers! I was in deep prayer throughout the entire debate for GOD to lead Romney in the debate! The LORD answered my prayer!!!

I don't know why the democrats can't understand that you can't raise the tax base and expect companies to not fire people! The govt. will definitely have more money if you have 12,000,000 working paying 25% tax than you would 12,000 paying 40% taxes!!! I think Obama needs to go back and learn his math!

Christians need to continue to pray. If they need assistance for their prayers:
is specific. LORD, I ask in Your Name for Romney to be voted into office so America can again be on the road to recovery for what Almighty GOD would have us be!