Friday, November 9, 2012

When Losing Can Be Winning

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I have done several posts about our support of Mitt Romney for President of the Unites States of America. I, along with nearly half of the nation, am still reeling from what happened on November 6th.  The post that I could have written that night was decidedly a lot different  than the one I will write today.  I am a person who needs time to process the events of a day like that. I feel a need to put some closure on it.

This campaign was very intense, divisive and emotional for most of America it seems.  It divided households, friendships, neighborhoods and special interest groups into their chosen camps from the beginning.  In many ways I feel the really big loser of this election was the media.  It is culpable for the lies that were perpetuated, the merciless scrutiny of both candidates' every move and word and the angst that was generated for good people on both sides of the issues.  The stereotyping that was glamorized and capitalized upon was downright sinful.

The continuation of the slandering and defaming of Mitt Romney, post-election, is pitiful and a true testament to the fact that cynicism and sarcasm and down right meanness are alive and well in America.  Perhaps again we can point to the nebulous "they" of the media that have fostered the cheap shots and putdowns in prime time sitcoms for decades as a form of entertainment.  These nasty quips are now so common place in our society that the hearts of once decent people have grown cold.  We as a nation are desensitized to hateful behavior to our own detriment.  We need only to look around us to see what a hostile environment we are now trying to abide...just to survive.  The anger for so many is right on the surface and acted out every day of the week.  It is common and sadly ordinary now to have to always be on your guard protecting your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

I am saddest about all of that. We as a people are in trouble.  We have lost our civility and are so caught up in our own selfish wants and needs. We have lost our abilities to see what is best for the whole country...not just ourselves.  We have lost our senses in thinking that the mess our country is in now in terms of the economy, unemployment and astronomical debt, the foreign policies, etc. can be righted without every American making a sacrifice. The melting pot of America has grown cold and has become a pot of coagulated clumps of gooey special interests.  The "me first" attitude is killing what has always made America strong and different.

We have heard of late that the climate of this country is changing.  I could not agree more.  The question is, is this change a good thing?  Are we shooting ourselves in the foot with all our disrespect and bickering and warring with everyone that does not see things exactly as we do? Are we actually taking away our own liberties in this process.  We may not agree with you but we do defend your right to your own opinions and will never be rude and in your face about it either.  It is not our job to change your mind nor yours ours.  That would infringe on everybody's liberties wouldn't it?  These are indeed points to ponder, at any rate.

I would not be honest if I didn't say I am very sad that Mitt Romney did not prevail in this election.  Quite simply, I think he would have done a better job of pulling this country up by its boot straps.  I know he is a man of integrity and a man of God.   I also know it is unpopular to believe in God these days in some quarters, but we still do and always will.  We have lived too long and seen too many evidences of His existence and love for all of us to ever abandon our faith.  Or to deny that this country was founded on principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Those principles include love for our fellow man and our agency or right to choose for ourselves the path we will take.  It includes faith in the realization that God hears and answers our prayers in His own time and way, as He knows far better than we what lies ahead and how history will play out.  I know that many millions of people prayed for Mitt to win this election.  However, that was not to be.  We give our will over to His, it is that simple.  What else do we truly have to give Him who gives us all we have and hold dear? 

 In spite of Mitt's losing the election the things he did accomplish were very winning and perhaps that was the bigger part of what was needed from him in our country at this time.

He was willing to work tirelessly and without salary for the duration of his term as President had he been elected.   Not for his own aggrandizement but for the benefit of the people of this country. He was not seeking power for power's sake but to lead and serve and that was apparent.

He showed the world the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a strong and wonderful Christ centered church founded on righteous principles and truth.  The work is going forward at an increased pace because of his good example.

He espoused creating a wonderful country and world by beginning with himself and working outward.  He was not willing to compromise his views and values on things to be popular, good leaders don't do that.  He knows that the fundamental elements of success are living God's laws and creating a strong and loving family first.  Not government programs to put a bandaid on social issues where families have failed in their attempts to take care of first things first. 

He supports the value of hard work and is the epitome of compassionate charity where it is truly needed.  He does not support entitlement for those that are capable of working to get their rewards but are more content to be handed what they want carte blanche. He knows that enabling is not good for the spirit of an individual nor for the country.

This is just a very partial list of his philosophies and attributes, but enough to make me know that he is a winner!   It is enough for me to see that losing can be winning in those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  It has always been so and ever shall be.  God bless you, Mitt and Ann and your delightful family for being willing to give your all.  I cannot help but think that the Lord has something greater in store for you where your leadership can be received and appreciated in a far less hostile environment.  Thank you for your graciousness and humility and your goodness.  It is enough and then some.  You are truly a winner in the things that matter most.

What a beautiful and exemplary family!
Thank you for always taking the high road!


Sister Susie said...
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Deila Taylor said...

I share your sentiments and sadness with this election. I am still recovering from last Tuesday. Mitt and Ann are great examples of goodness I'm thankful for their example. All week I have been thinking how nice it would be to live in a state, a town with people who share my beliefs and hopes for our country. Calif is not looking so good, and when I saw the looting after the storm and the vicious tweets about Romney I realized that it really won't be that safe in large, liberal areas. People have become cruder and the media embraces it. But somehow, some good has come out of all this -- I was just hoping for a Romney win.

Sister Susie said...

AMEN, Lady Bonnie! The LORD says He will never leave us nor forsake us. With this faith we take in heart and not by sight, the LORD knows all things beyond our understanding.
Love to you and yours, Susan