Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To Every Woman!

We are in Rhode Island and spending the day with our beautiful daughter, Laura, and her family.  What a joyful time to be with them.  At the end of our trip we are going to Utah to see the rest of the grandkids and our own kids.  What more could any mom hope for than precious time with each of them?  Life is good, really really good.

Here is my Pinterest Board Collection for Mother's Day~ I hope you will enjoy it.  Have a wonderful day, think of your mothers and those that went before them, your own children if you have them and then just think of all the lovely children in your life, no matter what your circumstance, and know that you have  touched many lives for good with your sweet, nurturing, God-given nature as a woman....mother or not.  You are loved by God and many others!


Susan Todd said...

I surely enjoyed all of your pictures on your pinterest! Happy Mother's Day to you and your family! Love to you and yours, Susan