Saturday, October 5, 2013

Resurrected-An Old Post With 500 Hits-DIY Pumpkins

My kind of DIY craft & tutorial!
Cheap, Fast and Awesome!
I'm Hooked!

Go to a store with great bargains~
Buy some cheap, fake, ugly, mini pumpkins.
Go to Jo Ann's and buy a can of copper~
spray paint behind the locked cabinet doors.

Spray the pumpkins, or better yet
have your awesome hubby do it!

From Crass to Class in 120 seconds!
They really are pretty...

It would be fabulous on walnuts, pods or pine cones also!

Enjoy in numerous ways.

If you want some but don't want to store them...
buy the real mini ones at the grocery store and toss
after the autumn festivities.

They would make great place markers at Thanksgiving.
Just prop a cute little name tag against the stem.

I like  the different shapes!

In case you can't stop over for dinner! 
Click Click for a closer look...

I promise our walls are NOT lime green,
not sure why they are coming out
this way with our new camera!


Sister Susie Says said...

I love to look at the different and unique shapes of gourds! I bet they would look beautiful to color them with different colors! Love your ideas, Susan

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Susie! I am working on "our Daybook" right now. In glad you like the pumpkins. I am not a crafter. But if is fast, really fast I try it once in a great while. No patience with that stuff. But I also learned when I was younger that I usually hate it if it takes too long. So....I don't bother. I have enough household decor to choke a whale anyway.

Love you my friend!! Bonnie