Saturday, November 2, 2013

Invasion Of Our Privacy...Pure And Simple!

One thing about where we live, we don't need any pets.  For the past several years we have been invaded by all kinds of wild life.  People think it is so neat...think again.  Between the deer who eat flowers and plants, the turkeys, the raccoons, the possums, the squirrels, occasional coyotes and the neighborhood animals that wander freely through here it is a constant video of animal life out every window.

These turkeys are testing my patience.  They are literally all over the place.  You can see from the two giant ones on the retaining wall they are not a little nuisance.  They seem to be about three feet tall when they are not stretching.  Oh yes, they can stretch and look into our windows.  They appear to be a parascoping type creature about the size of ET when you catch one out of the corner of your eye.  They boldly come right up to my office window and peer in.  I've jumped sky high more than once.  They can stretch their necks and bodies to at least four feet tall when they want to be peeping toms.

So their new favorite trick is they like to jump/fly onto our roof and then jump or fly off.  It reminds me of the giraffe video below or a bunch of kids at a water slide park  They get in a line and do it over and over again!  Another way that they are like kids is they only do it when Dad is gone.  It is a good thing too because he does not want them bouncing on and off of the roof and they sound like a grown man when they are walking up there.

I am not sure how this population can be controlled.  We have babies, teens and older ones.  There is no gunfire allowed here so where are the archery experts?   If they don't get out of here soon you may hear a pellet gun doing a little target practice.  At the rate this is going they may be having us for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Alfred Hitchcock's movie, The Birds, is creeping me out.  Imagine a few feathers on these giraffes and you will get the picture.


Sister Susie Says said...

I just saw 4 wild turkeys 2 days ago next to the wooded area on the culdesac! They were really stretching their necks when I rolled down my window and did some gobble sounds, ha! I have never seen any wild turkeys around here before. They surely aren't like the strutting fats ones you see at Thanksgiving! They were really pretty! I haven't seen them since! Susan