Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day~Daddy!

This is my Dad, Ross.  He was a magnificent human being.  Always so kind and gentle and calm.  He was extremely bright and funny.  He was self-assured but not pushy, boastful or egotistical.  He lead by quiet example.  He was a corporate executive, a WWII Veteran, and a loyal member of his church (Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod) where he served regularly in many capacities.

My Dad was the epitome of stability and comfort to me.  He treated my mother and his mother so sweetly and was a good family man.  He was sports-minded and played every sport well that I ever saw him play.  He had a precious sense of humor and his laugh was infectious.  He died at almost 62 from his second heart attack.  It was sudden and unexpected in 1979.  It was a devastating shock to our family, we miss him still.  My Dad will never be forgotten by those of us who knew him best and loved him deeply.  They don't come any finer than he was.  I love you, Dad!  Thank you for a good start in life.  You cared for us so well and never gave us a worry about anything.  It was a happy childhood. Very happy.


Sister Susie Says said...

Almighty GOD is so Good! Our dads were not just by accident! We may have had no control over who our dad was, but the LORD GOD surely did and I'm so thankful for my dad too! He is now with the LORD as is my mom and on that Day the LORD will reunite us all! Tell Jim I said Happy Father's Day!