Monday, December 22, 2014

Chloe Pleads Her Case With Santa

Chloe had to write a persuasive letter to Santa for school. It's adorable:

Dear Santa,
I think I should receive a puppy, legos, candy, board games, snow pants, snow gloves, a new robe, and a sled. I’ve been good all year with helping my mom and dad cook, played with my siblings, I’ve been turning in my homework, all of my homework is turned in and I never missed turning mine in. I’ve helped with the laundry, usually you can tell if the laundry’s clean if everything in the basket is the same color. I’ve also been very, very kind when someone’s new at school. I be nice and help her or him around school, and if her or him scatters their colored pencils I’d help them pick all of the colored pencils up off of the ground. And Santa, I’ve done a lot of stuff and that’s not all. When my mom is busy like sewing I will either read or draw a picture so I will not waste her time or bother her. I’ve also helped my dad a lot too! I’ve helped my dad put my little sister to bed like help her brush her teeth, read a story to her like “Goldie Locks and the Three Bears”, or “Toot and Puddle”. I would also lay by her or tuck her in or even both! So I have done a lot of stuff and Santa here is something! So I really, really, really, really, really, think I’ve been working hard so I think I should get a lot lot LOT of presents! : ) And with all of those presents just put all of them under the tree and if some don’t fit then put them in my bedroom. 



Very Persuasive, Chloe!
 Good luck, you little rascal!


girlsmama said...

What a girl! If I was Santa she'd get it all. :)

Sister Susie Says said...

I need Chloe to write a letter for me, ha! Merry Christmas, Susan