Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Don't Be Afraid...

I thought this was quite cool and decided to write a little something about it.  What is so great about sparkle and why should a lady go for it?  Because she can!   Sparkle is adding a little pizazz to the ordinary.  I love that the fashion industry has been on bling for several years now.  Why?  Because it is fun and fancy and whimsical.  I don't like dreary...not a bit.

Glitter adds light and uplift and excitement to drab.  There comes that time in a woman's life when she is no longer a young girl. Around the 40s it seems to hit.  People often decided to quit trying then.  My thought is if you can buy a cute tee shirt with a little bedazzlement...why not?  Or a ring with some pretty stones or a dangly bracelet...go for it.  Or how about a cute scarf that adds a lot to an outfit and covers up those neck wrinkles a bit or at least distracts the eye.  A big YES!

It will lift your spirit and make you feel fancy.  It doesn't have to be expensive, in fact it shouldn't be. Just something to brighten your countenance and make your eyes sparkle a little more is fun.  Of course sparkly from the inside is essential and beautiful too.  But today I'm just talking about the exterior.  I say why do drab when you don't have to?  Unless of course you like the real toned down approach, in which case then carry on!

As for me and my closet we are going to keep calm and sparkle on.  Why?  Because it makes me happy.  When I am happy I see the world through a different set of glasses.  They are rose-colored perhaps, but that is OK isn't it?