Friday, April 15, 2016

I Have A New Blog!

In December 2007 I started blogging.  I love it and in 2008 I wrote 475 posts.  I really enjoy writing and find it very cathartic.  I am one of those people that sorts my thoughts and life out in the written word.  This blog has served its purpose well and I have grown and changed a lot over these past 9 years.  This is post # 1900 on this blog and the last Simple Woman's Daybook was a real chore.
Just keeping the font size and colors stable and the spacing in order was a small nightmare.

I am hoping that a new slate will run much more smoothly and that One Designing Woman was just too full and worn out to perform well.  And more importantly I am hoping it was not the Designing Woman herself that was fading away!

My New Blog is called Family History In Real Time!  

It is under construction at this time but I have added a few posts from our recent trip to Utah to get it going.  Hopefully this new space will entice me back to the keyboard more often than the old one has lately.  If you are so inclined feedback and comments would probably be motivating.  See you on the other site!  Moving on as of today!


Sister Susie Says said...

Hi, Bonnie!
I'm sorry it has taken me some time to get myself together to get your new blog added to my blog list! I shall start replying to your new posts!
Love ya! Susan