Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Best of Friends

When our friend Caroline came for a visit while Jim was in Utah, we enjoyed a wonderful time with friends in San Francisco one day ...just doing the girl thing. There was a plethora of gabbing, laughing, shopping and lunching going on. We went to Union Street around 21st, which is a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy The City, hit some little shops, some designer places and the like...FUN!

This cobalt blue is big this season...
look for it. Barb would have been gorgeous in this..
the problem...completely shear back.
Why do they do that? I know...don't tell me.

Lunch at Parry's on Union Street
Diane, Caroline, Norma

Trying on clothes at every turn,

no wonder it took us 7 hours to
"do" this neighborhood with 8 women.
We had just a few bags when we left.

Lanette finds a fun rug for her kitchen sink area.

Sidewalk "les fleurs" for sale,
always a thing of beauty in the City.

Even better with Norma the "Fascinator" in front of it.
These tiny "Fascinator" hats are all the rage now!
Norma just had to buy this and wear it.
No other takers on this trip. Hmmm.
Only she can get away with it.
Norma, Norma, such a fun-loving girl!

She is little, but she grabs her share of
attention creating fun wherever she goes.
A sign for sale I thought was neat.

Faye, Timme and Lanette enjoying the company
and the gorgeous warm weather.
I just love all these friends so much!

It was so nice having Caroline here from Utah
and spending several days with me.
Love you Caroline! We all do.

Caroline and Diane bought some new shades.
Aren't they glam?
A few scarves and jewels fell into a few bags as well,
not to mention any names specifically.

Maybe even some shoes along the way...
cannot remember for sure.

Maureen, Michelle and Caroline, Barbara and I
had lunch in Walnut Creek and did more shopping on Monday.
Almost like Paris with this cool Eiffel Tower replica
in Restoration Hardware, don't you think?
I did not escape Pottery Barn or Brighton
unscathed, just sayin'.

We also had a pot luck dinner for everyone
including a few friends that

could not make the other activities of the week.
No photos from that event.
I fell down on my job. ;-(

Barbara, and Ilse in the back and then from left to right,
Bethy, Alex, Stacey, Jim and me.

We have had such a delightful time the past few weeks with old friends. The friends are not old the duration of the friendships are. This past Sunday we had a wonderful dinner with the Leals and Stacey...visiting from Chicago! So much fun right in the middle of March when hardly anything ever happens.

And a special thank you to you, Barb, for hosting two fantastic Sunday meals in row. One inviting Caroline and me and then another invite for Jim and me as we enjoyed your family and Stacey. You have spoiled me rotten. To top it off thanks for going to see Phantom 2 with me...
Love Never Dies.
OK, so now it is time for getting back to ho-hum normalcy.
But how about same time next year, y'all? Life is good!

Here's to the people in our lives that
edify, elevate and lift us UP!


Marie said...

What fun. Time spent with friends is always wonderful. You all look so happy! xxoo

Caroline Craven said...
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Caroline Craven said...

I love the blog! I just got my computer back minutes ago. The hard drive had crashed - in a MAC, no less. Good thing I didn't try to fix it there. Thanks so much to all my friends who made this such a fun, memorable vacation, and especially thanks to you, my dear friend, Bonnie, for all the scheduling and juggling to get as many friends together as possible, as many times as possible. Best trip ever. I loved staying in the suite at "Bonnie's B&B". It totally inspired me. I came home and immediately cleaned out Kent's office, moved the TV in there and made is a great working space. Bedroom next. I love the pictures and I'm so sorry I missed Stacey. What a great visit I had. Thank You, Bonnie!!!

laura.elizabeth said...

SO fun! Wish I could have been there too!

Sister Susie said...

What a great time you and the ladies had. I am now getting into that "mode" with my friends. I didn't realize I had so many friends other than those at work! Now my retired friends and I are going to different places to eat, concerts, and all kinds of other activities. I'm finding myself having to get a calendar to schedule everything, ha! Love to you and yours, Susan

Deanna said...

What a grand time you all must have had. You have the most precious smile!

Love you,
Deanna :D

Barbara said...

Love getting to see the fun again. The memories of those days make me happy!

Deila Taylor said...

so much fun. I love that cobalt blue. I have a shirt that color, just from old navy. I wish I had gone too-- what a day. That is one of my fav. hepburn quotes. so cool.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Bon Bon,
I had to come over to see what in the world happened to you!! and I see you have just been having a ball with your company and friends. How wonderful..........and love that paragraph at the end, I have found that to be so true in my latter years.
All lovely looking ladies, so glad you had so much fun.........we had
company too for a week, and we had
a ball too.
Glad to know all is well, and look forward to hearing from you really soon!! lol

Blessings sweet friend,