Monday, August 13, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook~August 13, 2012

Just for today~Monday, August 13, 2012
Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One week at a time.


Outside my window...It is sunny and warm.  I can see our American Flag just hanging on its pole on the side of the house and the hydrangeas on the porch look a little pekid.  A little water should fix them right up again.  They are pink and so pretty. Laura and the boys just went to the trampoline center for a couple of hours leaving me a few moments to create a daybook entry this afternoon.  We have had several hot days in a row and with no a/c I am beginning to get grumpy about it.  It is actually very pleasant until about 4:00 pm when suddenly it gets very hot and stays that way until midnight.  Ugh.

I am thankful for...The wonderful past three weeks while we have been in Utah for two weeks and now home with Laura and the boys for another week.  It has been wonderful.  I must admit I am pretty tired.  Just not use to being busy 24x7 in spite of the fact that this entire year has been like this.  As Jen says, "2012 is not one I want to do over!"  There has been so much going on and most of it very good stuff...just non-stop.  Some where in the midst of it all I turned 65 and am feeling it.
From the learning room...So so much and that is another reason why I am bushed.  I went to a four day conference at BYU and it just blew my mind.  There are some amazingly intelligent people out there in the genealogy and family history field.  I have a two and half inch thick syllabus to go over.  Not sure when that is going to happen.  I just hope I don't forget everything by the time I get the chance. But I am just so thankful for all we have been able to do with our family this year.

I am reading...Sacrificed for Honor, an amazing historical research piece on infant abandonment in European countries for centuries (17th, 18th and 19th) to maintain the honor of unwed mothers.  Very interesting, very sad, very eye-opening.  It was recommended to me and I got it on Amazon.  Italy had the highest rates of abandonment over 37,000 babies in one year in the 1800's.  Interesting links to religion, economics and politics and other societal issues.  Still reading this in bits and peaces and now sharing it aloud with Jim.

From the kitchen...I made my mom's famous potato salad for a dinner we had yesterday.  I peeled 12.5 pounds of potatoes and added a dozen eggs and other stuff and it was immense.  It took me 2 and a half hours.  There was plenty to go around and I sent my brother home with a bowl of his own.  We also had strawberry shortcake with Laura making the shortcakes from scratch, garlic bread, Tri-tip and skewered mushrooms on the barbie, fruit and green salads.  I also made a dill dip and that is the most I have cooked in I cannot tell you how long.  Laura and the boys and Jim helped too so it was a big group effort.  But as far as I can see I am outta the kitchen for a few days.  I do have to make a salad for tonight as we have been invited to Jim's mom's for dinner.  

Laura had to stand on a chair to get this
 gianormous bowl in the photo

I am missing...normal, we have been on the go for so long.  And Robert he will be home from Afghanistan in the not too distant future.  God bless him and protect him until he is home safe and sound....and beyond.

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...I am just so happy we share common beliefs, standards and values with so many family members and good friends.  It is like a large comfort zone of like-minded loved ones.

I am hearing...Aida by Sarah Mc her songs.

One of my guilty pleasures...writing.  I truly have missed it and am trying to jump back on with all my might.  5 posts on the blog this week!  Miraculous.

Pet Peeves...How fragile things are sometimes.  We just have to keep constantly nurturing all the good in our lives.  I wish it could just come flowing to us without the constant work sometimes, but life is not like that.  Only Christ's gifts are free and everything else takes working continually.  It is nice to have that oasis in Christ..knowing he always loves us purely, always treats us fairly, always listens and understands.  It makes the rest more doable.  Where others let us down we can be assured he never will.

I am go and make that salad for dinner in a few minutes.

I am quoting...this picture

We are huggers around here
 and that makes me very happy!
An enjoyable movie we have watched lately...nothing lately.  Gotta fix that!

I am curious about...The upcoming election.  Most people have probably decided by now and will vote according to their conscience.  The people that are so annoying are the ones that have to keep being critical of other people's opposite choices by badgering and throwing it up in their faces.  I like the approach of respecting each other and keeping differing politics out of relationships. Now if you happen  to agree with each other...go for it.  Just don't disrespect someone else's choice in a rude way. But the perplexing part is this election is just not like that.  Curious, indeed.  We are going to war ourselves right out of our freedoms if we continue on as we are headed now.

If I could change one thing it would be...that things that seem to never change no matter what you do...would.

Plans for the rest of the week...tomorrow delivering a few gifts to people that I keep missing, hanging out with Laura and the boys and Jim and going with Laura and the kids to the Farmers' Market in the morning, tomorrow night going to the Family Search Library with Laura to work on some stuff while Jim takes the boys to a swimming party.  Wednesday we are having a jewelry party here so have treats to get organized.  We are looking forward to having some friends come to see Laura while she is here.  Thursday Laura and I are going overnight to a small town near by for some unadulterated girl time.  Just the two of us.  We have some fun plans including a massage, high tea luncheon and who knows what else?  I adore having them here it is the best.  We are having a great time.  They will not be back on the west coast for two years. So that means we'll be going back east because there is no way we cannot see them for that long.  Sadly they leave on Saturday.  Then it is back to business as usual.  Bittersweetness!

 One of my favorite things...fresh cherries and my sweet Ross just brought me a little bowl of them accompanied by a huge hug and sweet talk for his Gramma. I am in love with being a grandmother.  Is there anything sweeter, I ask you?  Life is good!

Some photos I am sharing this week... this is our buffet dinner from last night.  Wish you could have joined us.  I forgot to take a photo of the strawberry short cake. (One of our favorite desserts.)

Green Salad with lots of cherry tomatoes, red and yellow!

Garlic Bread

Fruit salad Thanks Emmy!)

The Potato Salad

Bob and Beth's fresh off the vine cherry tomatoes

The Steak

My cousin Bob and his wife Beth.

Spencer and Ross our grandsons

Emily, Jim Laura, Gloria and Steven
We missed you Gary and Marilyn.

We had so many bottles of sparking drinks, 
it was hot out there.  The fans helped a lot though!
Hope your weekend was as much fun!  

❤♡♥♡❤♡♥♡❤♡♥s,  B


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Well, Hello Miss Bonnie,
It was sooooooo great to hear from you sweetie, and so happy you have your Laura and the boys with you,
know that is a treat for you all.
How fun.........a girly get away just the 2 of you, that is so nice and sounds so relaxing.
You sound like you are feeling much better, I tell you that tiredness can really do you of our Pastors wife said that they were told at a Pastor's retreat once that the most spiritual thing you can do sometimes is to get some rest......and I say a hearty Amen to that! I know that I sure don't have the energy and stamina I once had, and I sometimes don't like that, but at the same time I think it is God's way of slowing us down so we appreciate and see the small things like his creation and have more times for relationships, with Him and others,since they are the most important things in life anyway.
I just had a wonderful day with my
DeeAnna last Friday, we went out shopping for the day, then we all went to dinner and hung out, so I had a full 12 hrs. with here. bliss! lol
So glad my post was an encouragement to you and you my sweet friend were an encouragement to me by your comments that you left. Really it was so great to hear from you hon. Tell Laura I said Hello, those boys have really grown since the last time I saw their pictures. You said that Robert would be home in the not too distant future, will he get here before Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
I certainly hope so. and how is Laura doing??? and the boys?? I am sure it has been quite an adjustment for them all.
and how is the the rest of the family. All well, I hope and your brother steve?? Looked good in that picture.
Hey, could you email me some of the delectable looking potato salad?? lol
All that food looked so wonderful.
I am trying to come up with a table idea for Dee's birthday celebration this coming Sunday. Her new fav color is apple green, so was thinking about maybe a tropical theme maybe, gotta pull it together, as I have a lot of ideas rattling around in the old brain.
and I do mean old! lol
Oh and Happy 65th birthday.........
don't worry, you still look like a major babe!

Love and blessings, Nellie
Make sure you come up and see me sometime............again soon!! lol

margaret said...

We have a line in our Morning Prayers where we pray for those sent on duty so I remember Bonnie's Robert.

Caroline Craven said...

I was just thinking about Robert today and wondering when his tour was over. Don't know why he was on my mind, I hardly know him, but know that some dear loved ones of mine think of him all the time! We picked Kenna up from the airport Tuesday night and as soon as I saw her I ran and gave her a huge hug and cried a few tears of happiness -- and she has only been gone 10 weeks. Can't imagine the homecoming Robert is going to get. It sounds like you've had a few good weeks with your family. Good for all of you. I'm thinking it is time for another lunch with you, but can't keep flying to Concord just for lunch with my friend. Take care and take 5 when Laura and her boys go home. Oh, BTW, we went camping with my sister and her family a couple of weeks ago and I made your potato salad. Plenty of compliments all around. It's a keeper for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Sister Susie said... is clouding up at the approaching hurricane. I pray it stays out in the gulf! had a safe journey! enjoy all that I can do!
READING...such a horrible thing to do to new bad as today's abortions!
KITCHEN...Spinach balls! Rreally good stuff! @ frozen boxes spinach thawed out, rinsed and squeezed dry. 1/2 parm. cheese, 1/2 onion chopped fine, 1/2 cup oil, 1 cup bisquick, 3/4 cup of shredded cheese, 2 eggs beatened. mix it all up and place into mini cupcake tin (makes 36) spray pan with Pam. Bake at 325 for 30 minutes. yum, yum! too! Of course I've just gotten a new computer. I went about 10 days not on the internet!
SPIRITUAL..."If we hold on to GOD's Truth, we won't be trapped by Satan's lies." Daily Bread, 8/24/12. weather alert for tropical storm warning going off! too, now that my new computer is up and going!
PET PEEVES...that all would do their part. But being in an imperfect world, that won't be so. bed when I'm finished! It's 12:25 a.m. here!
MOVIE... I've got to get on the Netflix thing so I'll have some to list, ha!
CURIOUS...kind of reminds me of when Christ told the Pharisees that they were a den of vipers!
CHANGE...that Adam and Eve would have made the right choice!
WEEK...preparing for our first hurricane!
FAVORITE...sitting in my chair with my four dogs piled on my feet and my cats on my chair or in my lap! With all of the other room, they always want to be piled around me, ha!
After seeing all of the pictures of your delicious fooe, I think I'll change my CHANGE to if I could, I'd have a cook to fix my food, lol, I may eat more then than I do now (which is little!)
Love to you all, Susan