Thursday, August 23, 2012


"When you long for blessings that you may not name,
and when you grieve knowing not the cause,
then indeed you are growing with all things that grow,
and rising toward your greater self.~ Khalil Gibran♥"

I have always like Khalil Gibran, We even had one of his poems read at our wedding back in 1968. I have usually agreed with all he has written so I like to think I can adopt this as well.  In the past when I have gotten these feelings I would feel kind of restless and unsettled.  But now I will just relax and go with it and think I am growing and becoming my greater self.  What an awesome way to view something that use to feel negative to me... I am grateful to have found this today.

My sweet friend, Marie, posted this on her Facebook page today
 and I just loved it so much and wanted to keep it. 
 So I am filing it here and sharing it with you.
 Please visit Marie @A Year At Oak Cottage. 
She is wonderful writer, chef and painter. 


Sister Susie said...

To grow in the LORD is what He would have us do! His wonders open up when we look to His Awesome Love for us. It's like no matter how old we get, we are still as children learning of His Greatness. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like to spend an Eternity in a perfect body learning of our GOD and Savior forever! What kind of knowledge has he instore for us that we now are unable to cpmprehend! Lovee to you and yours, Susan