Monday, August 12, 2013

For Your Daily Laugh and Viewing Pleasure


Sister Susie Says said...

That's about the way I am right now, ha! After a week, I still have "jet lag" after going through 19 states in 14 days! :-o

I promise I'm going to get my act together and start blogging again! I have enough pictures to share!
Love to you all, Susan

Sister Susie Says said...

It's a shame it won't work for every sign in you have lol! I now realize, "Anyway that will help me remember!" Ha! I have a "cheat sheet" because I have so many! I can't remember which password for what site I'm on, ha! (Except my blog and e-mail!) Love to you all, Susan

Marie said...

haha I love it!! I hate having to remember passwords. I now write them down in a notebook, but my NOT organized self then has trouble finding the notebook! lol