Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Simple Woman's Day Book~Dec 26, 2013

Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this Daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One entry at a time.

Just for today~Thursday, December 26, 2013
Outside my window...It is lovely out, a little cold but as clear as a bell.  Truth be told, it is still autumn here.  Leaves are still falling.  People will start to worry about a drought as they always seem to forget the seasons have rotated almost a full season now since we were kids.  The rain will come but not until mid-January or early February is my prediction.

Can hardly believe that Christmas has come and gone so quickly.  That extra week we didn't have this year made a huge difference. In my effort to have a relaxing Christmas I got a little too relaxed and seemed to be pretty frantic there towards the end.  That was partially my miscalculations on how long certain things would take.  There is a saying in construction that goes, 'It will take you twice as long and cost twice as much than you originally plan on."  Note to self*** "This also applies to a lot of other things when you forget to factor in the slow down rate you experience with each passing year."  Organize better, streamline, and keep moving.  Making it more like the tortoise than the hare is advised.

I am thankful for....The sounds coming from the back of the property where Jim and Dave have resumed working together once again after a six week hiatus for Dave following his surgery.  This is a good thing.  Jim is happy as can be with his buddy at his side once again.

From the learning room....The learning process is imperative to progression.  Every time I sit down at the computer needing to do something new I go through the same process.  Search for information, find a medium that facilitates learning a new process be it YouTube tutorial, Google document or some other way, feel confused, get extremely frustrated, think about and dismiss abandoning the effort, keep at it, finally something clicks and I get it.  

I am reading...A beautiful book given to Jim from the First Presidency of our church for his many hours of service as an engineer on Temple Hill.  It is leather bound and gold leafed and is such a treasure for us.  It is James E. Talmage's, "The Holy Temple!" It is not easy to read because it is old but it is very good.  It makes you just want to raise your bar and learn more.

From the kitchen...we have done a lot of cooking over the last week with a dinner party and a Christmas brunch here so nothing to worry about in the kitchen for a while.  My favorite kind of stay home vacation.  I am so blessed that Jim loves to cook about as much as I love to win/win.

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...Christmas has been a very spiritual time for me this year.  I have had some amazing experiences that have been wonderful.  All of them have been around how the Holy Spirit directs us in ways we sometimes do not understand but when we follow the promptings spectacular things happen.  My genealogy has exploded these past ten days in so many directions it has been overwhelming.  Almost all of it has been related to different lines and my cousins.  And in all fairness to myself, I must say they were directly related to why things felt very frantic there just before Christmas.  More on this in a future post.

I am hearing...Kenny Rankin singing Haven't We Met?  He was such a fabulous singer.  Miss that man and his amazing talents.  I am thankful for the recording that keep him alive for us.

One of my guilty pleasures...My Christmas Morning cinnamon rolls.  I haven't made them in a long time for a reason.  I like them too much!

Pet Peeves...that we feel we have to be done with Christmas when Retail says so.  Not havin' it.  I am keeping my Christmas Decorations up for quite a little while yet.  Maybe I'll take it down on Epiphany, January 6th when Italy finishes up their celebrations. 

On the times I have actually gone shopping the day after Christmas which is pretty rare they have hired someone to remove all evidence of Christmas during the night of Christmas.  This is an obvious attempt to help you forget all the money you just spent and to get on it again!  Just plain GREED is my pet peeve.

I am quoting...Pinterest

If I could change one thing it would be...that my husband was not in constant pain.  He works so hard and just muscles through his aches and pains, but seriously he is the bravest person I know.  Just keeps going but it is not easy.  Soon he will get his hip replacement~is my prayer for him today.

An enjoyable movie/ TV show we have watched lately...The Nativity~The Story.  We have had it for a few years and this is the first time I have taken the time to sit down and watch the whole thing.  It is a beautifully portrayed version of the birth of Christ.  That will be on my regular list of Christmas movies on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day from here on out.  I watched it on Christmas night this year, it was so uplifting and peaceful.  Somehow I think night time is best to view it.

I am curious it can still be another ten days before Season 4 of Downton Abbey starts up again.  I have been avoiding  all the spoilers out there like the plague because  I just want it to be a fresh and new experience each week.  We have a date for dinner and the premiere with our friend Barbara on the 5th.  It has been on the calendar for months and we are really excited!

Plans for the rest of the week...We are going to Aron's (age 8) baptism where Jim is speaking in the morning and then a luncheon in his honor, church on Sunday and then possibly having a young couple for dinner that is having their first baby any minute, Monday spending the day finishing out our financial year and working on a paper, thinking about preparing for a class to be taught on Jan 21, 2014.  Going to dinner on New Years Day with some of the family, not sure about New Year's Eve.  We usually like to stay home and be mellow.  Probably a movie night for us around the fireplace.  Sounds heavenly at this point. Oh and also thinking about the fun prospects of being able to see each of our kids this next month and they are coming here one by one!  Everyday more surprises.  Woohoo.  Life is good here.

One of my favorite things...a clean, Christmasy home.  I love the beautiful lights on these long dark nights.  I love the is so cheery and warm, the fireplaces, the fragrant pine wreath hanging in my office.  I love the memories of Christmases past that the holiday decorations engender.  I love the people we have shared it with over these many years.  It is just a jolly time and I love it.  Yes, even when it is hard, and exhausting and expensive...I still love it.  It is magical.  I love that it is about the Christ child and family and gatherings and snowmen and reindeer and Santa.  I enjoy the traditions both old and new and the kindness seen in so many.  I love all of it and there is room for all of it in my life.  I choose to love it, therefore I do.
One thing that made me so happy this past week...walking into our cousins Kris and Dale's home on Christmas Eve.  It brought me joy like when I was a child and my heart would leap inside of me at the first glimpse of the Christmas lights.  When I saw how very beautiful they had decorated their house, it made me happy.  Kris and their three girls really love Christmas and it shows in every nook and cranny.  They have so many gorgeous things and they know just what to do with them.  It was an eye candy feast~simply drop dead gorgeous.  The feast of foods reserved for Christmas was amazing. These feelings of loving family and traditions were very tender that night, and it made me miss our kids and all who have ever been a part of this tradition very much.  Bittersweet and completely beautiful.

The most surprising thing this past week...that I discovered I have a brand new first cousin that has been separated from our family for 68 years.  Oh my, that thought cranks up my tears every time I think of it.  Soon I will write about it when I can handle it better.  God bless you sweet William.  Welcome home.

Some photos I am sharing this week...Christmas Eve with the cousins.  It was spectacular.  Here are just a handful of photos to show you have lovely and inviting this home is.  No one could not enjoy Christmas in such a wonderfully welcoming setting.

Five generations of this family
 all together under one roof.  Very fun!

One of the prettiest, most festive
 Christmas Trees I have ever seen!
L O V E this tree.

The Village, 
So Magnificent!

One of their many Santas!

Loving the garden cart full of Christmas
and the tree glistening through the bay window.
One last photo on the porch while saying,
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!"


 Be Happy, Keep Your Balance and Enjoy Your Life!
Only One Rather Short One Per Person Allowed.

❤♡♥♡❤♡♥♡❤♡♥s, Bon


Sister Susie Says said...

Merry Christmas!
OUTSIDE...Two days and overcast with drizzle. (But not on Christmas!) my LORD that my friend, Alice is cancer free and her surgery was a success!
LEARNING...UPGRADES! I guess I don't like change. Some of the upgrades are like learning a whole new process!
READING...Finishing up Ken Ham's "Answers, book 1"
KITCHEN...Leftovers from Christmas! (In freezer!)
THOUGHTS...Trust is what it's all about. The more we trust in the LORD GOD and not ourselves, is when we see His glory work for us!
HEARING...Lawrence Welk.
PLEASURE...mine is the orange rolls!
PET PEEVE...To watch the presentations of the decoration contests with the property lights and music in sync.
MOVIE...I have watched so many (especially the "old reproductions" of the Nativity in the 60's!)
CURIOUS...where this year went???
PLANS...Getting over a flu bug!!!
FAVORITE...Jim and Nellie's tree (it rotates!) see my beautiful grand niece at Christmas! She is the center of our family love!
SURPRISE...Christmas card from an old friend I haven't heard from in years.
PHOTOS...beautiful! Alice has a huge Christmas village in her foyer!
Happy New year to you and yours!
Love to you, Susan