Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you are having a lovely Valentine's Day and feeling a great deal of love in your heart for your family and friends.  I know I sure am.  I have read several things this month about the sadness this day can bring to some people that do not have a Valentine in the their life.  I get that, and I truly value my sweetheart and am grateful for him.  But love is broader than that.  Love is what you give.  It is what you give to your family and friends.  It is your gratitude for what they give to you and how their influence transforms your life and makes it more special and complete.  It is their essence that you inhale every time you give them a hug that brings you such happiness and goodness and joy.  It is for every given day.  Not just Valentine's Day.  Here is a poem I wrote for all of my sweetest family members and friends.  Something in each of you that I deeply love has inspired a part of it.

Do you see them?

Any Given Day

I love the way the light of day
Passes over the house 
on any given day 
Especially in winter...

Bringing bits of illumination
And light and sparkle to the windows
The walls and floor and even me.
It is spectacular to behold.  

There is a cut glass bowl through
Which it passes like a prism
Casting diamonds of light 
That shimmer over everything. 

That part of day~short and sweet
Lifts me up and cheers me...
Like news from you, your words
Your humor, your help, your hello. 

Like little rays of pure light...
That glow with brilliance
Bedazzling an ordinary day.  
And bringing me understanding. 

Feeling the sweetness of friendship is
Like a cloak of trust to wrap around you.
It is warm, sweet and soothing...
It is refreshing and lined with comfort.  

Little bits of joy bathe my soul
On any given day in winter...
Special moments of pure goodness
That make me smile and remember. 

But not just in winter really,
The light of true friendship is ...
Always in season, always awaited 
Like the sunrise on any given day. 

It brings with it a lovely light
That washes over my heart with sheer delight...
Always accompanied by being grateful
For not being completely alone...
Not even in my solitude.

Like the cut glass bowl on the table 
The illumination of friendship
Passes through me like a prism 
It fills everything with light in my life...

Friends with their own unique Cut,
Color and Clarity like a diamond...
Brighten my spirit and add a little 
"Fanciness" to any given day.

I choose them with infinite care
Like precious diamonds .....
And care for them infinitely. 
Hoping I can lift them too. 

They are more precious than any diamond surely
And more beautifully given and received...
A friend is a hidden treasure chest of gold
With gems more brilliant than the sun. 

Like a lamplighter of days gone by
My path is lit to find my way.
And because of you-I'm a better me.
It's the light in you that helps me see!

And I love that so much...on every given day
. bjm



Sister Susie Says said...

Hi, Bonnie!
I have surely missed your posts!
What a beautiful and elegant picture of the heart in hands!

Your poem is so heart warming. My favorite part is, "Feeling the sweetness of friendship is like a cloak of trust to wrap around you" It is definitely "lined with comfort!"

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, Susan

Julia Stewart said...

I'm glad you had a good Valentine's Day Gramma!! :) love you and miss you!!!!!! <3

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Bonnie,
What a lovely poem you wrote here.
Just so sweet and expressive.
Glad you had a nice Valentines day,
we sure did too...........

Then got to have our real Valentines present this morning, Brooklyn, we
watched her from 9:30 to 3:00 so her
Mommy and Daddy could have some
Valentine's day fun. Then Scott and Megan stayed and had din din
with us, so it was a very good 2 days...........

Have missed seeing your posts, but new your daughters were gonna be with you for awhile. Hope you had a marvelous time with them, I know your heart was full for sure.......
Take care sweetie,
Love and Blessings, Nellie