Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Lame Turkey

I find it just very odd that last Saturday when I brought Jim home from the hospital we saw this one lone turkey in our backyard. David helped me bring Jim in the house and I went ahead to forge the way and open a back door for him to avoid stairs. When I went out to greet them halfway, there in the yard was this big Tom.  I found it odd to see just one because an entire flock of them live with us. They usually will scoot away pretty fast when they see humans.  This one just stood there.  As Dave and Jim and I got closer the turkey hopped lamely away with one leg bent backwards like a stork.  Humm, that was peculiar under the circumstances I thought to myself.

Since then the turkey has stood vigilantly by the house on all sides day after day as if watching over Jim. Very odd indeed.  Now I know I could write a quite funny blog post about this but I'll just refrain for the sake of my beloved ortho patient who does not always find me funny.  But just think about what a golden opportunity I am passing up for love.

I was happy that Tom stood still for some photos.  Now if only Jim would. Remember how President Hinckley use to carry his cane in his right hand instead of using it.  Apply that to Jim and his walker and you get the picture I've been  trying to snap.  At least he hasn't waved to the congregation with it like President Hinckley did.  But then he hasn't been out much lately.  By the Grace of God Jim will recover but I am not so sure about our pet turkey.  Poor tough old bird.


Sister Susie Says said...

Oh, poor turkey! If I lived near, I would come and get him, taking him to the vet to fix his leg! He is probably staying near so maybe predators won't come since people are near. Even though he's wild, he may be "asking" for help. Some animals do that. I hope no human "predator" has thoughts of...

Jim can think of one thing; as he is healing he won't have to worry about what the turkey may be thinking! Tell Jim he has many prayers for his healing! He has a great Nurse Bonnie!
Love to you all, Susan