Saturday, May 10, 2014

Like Mother Like Daughter

I have been thinking a lot about mothers this week.  Both being one and having one and watching my daughters at it.  I have written a few blog posts about various aspects of these thoughts.  I started with the one the other day about my mom and her beloved apple pies.  In that post I showed you a picture of my mom in her early life before she married my Dad and she had been attending Beauty School to become a beautician.

Fast forward a few decades to when I was a younger mother of our two daughters.  Every once in a while there would be a conversation that would start with something like this.   "Mooooom!"  This would be accompanied by the eye roll implying how could you have done this to me or I cannot believe you were this uncool when we were little.  Then would follow, "I think I look so ridiculous in that silly outfit or those lame shoes, or some such thing.  Or "Mother my hair looks laughable.  I knew when they called me "Mother" they meant business.  It went like this.  "Mommy"...they wanted something.  "Mom," pretty much everything was normal..."Mamma, "...they were being affectionate without an ulterior motive...And "Mother" ...a comment of about the generational gap was next off their lips!

I did the same things regarding some of the get-ups my mom put me in or when she constantly dressed me in blue.  So the other day when I ran across the picture I am about to show you I laughed out loud.  Here is the picture of my mom again and the one of me that made me remember all of the above in an instant.

and her daughter!

Once a mother learns all the fancy stuff about hair, a daughter's head of hair falls subject to that without any permission required.  My first response when I saw this was..."Mooooom!

Bonnie Jo
My own little mini version of the
 'Finger Wave' so popular in the late 40s.

When Jenny was born she inherited 
curly curls from my Mom and her Italian genetics.
I would slick down her bangs 
but the minute her hair dried
boing~finger waves!

Jennifer Jo
and then came her fourth little daughter

Hazel Jo
She got her curls from both her parents!
Even the bows could not keep
 it in place once dry.

So I learned that it wasn't so much what mom did but what she was working with at the time.  It was genetics.  My Moms's hair was always curly, mine curly only when I was little, Jen, super curly still and Hazie double curly!  Well and as for the clothes, umm, that is another story....

Bonnie Jo and Laura Jo
As random as the genetic shuffle may be,
this photo may indicate that sometimes 
the matches come out quite similar.

I simply could not write anything about 
mothers and daughters without writing
 something about our Laura.
Laura has two little boys
partially all grown up now.

Spencer and Ross
One curly, one straight!
It's a mysterious thing and 
so fun to be a part of the continuing
family we enjoy!

"A Bond That Is Truly Everlasting!"


Sister Susie Says said...

You mom's are so blessed, to have moms and to be moms! The LORD has seen fit for me to only know the love of and for my mom. I was never blessed to have my own, but I do give GOD the glory for over 800 He blessed me with throughout my teaching. Glory be to Him!
Love you all, Susan