Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aynslee...How Can This Be?

Just a few weeks ago across the pond!
With Owen...

Today our granddaughter Aynslee turned 12!  How can that be?  She has become a young woman in the blink of an eye.  She lives in England this year so we have not talked to her today.  We always try to talk to the grandkids on their birthday.  I missed that and Grampa did too.  Ayns since you are 8 hours ahead of us, I hope your birthday was fantastic.  I am sure it was...your Mom and Dad do it up right.

Here is a blog post I did for you when you were 7.  Look what five years can do!  So many cool things are about to happen.  Enjoy the Young Women's program at church.  Enjoy school in the UK even if they do make you guys wear funny uniforms.  Make new friends and write in your journal so you won't forget this time. And remember how our family loves you.  Think...Family Flower.  Hopefully we will be seeing you sometime in May...probably the middle or so.  That is if the "M" BnB is not already reserved for that time.

I love this cake!  It reminds me of you!
I traded it out for the more little
 girl cake that was here.

Here is the blog post  from the past.
    Time Flies!  Enjoy

Let's Celebrate!!

Today is our granddaughter, Aynslee's birthday! Today she is SEVEN. Aynslee is the only member of our family born in New York. She was born when her Daddy was a PhD student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. We didn't get to see her so much that first year or so and we were very thankful for pictures and phone calls and letters. It is amazing that she is 7 already and she has lived in three places, NY, China, and Utah!

This little blond beauty was quite the rave in China and for some, the only little blond girl they had ever seen! The Chinese ladies always wanted to touch her golden hair. Aynslee has had a good year. She has been a lot of fun places with her family. She has grown up and changed so much this year. To me the biggest change has been all about teeth! It is quite dramatic really!

Here she is last year on her 6th birthday.

Here she is when her front teeth
 came out just a day apart!
Now here she is on her first day
 of first grade!
I think she looks beautiful with her
 new teeth!Aynslee and her best guys!

Sledding with Grampa and her
 brothers in the backyard
Visiting us in CA in the Spring  

Fun with Owen

Family hike this summer

Aynlsee loves artShe enjoyed Kindergarten!

Aynslee's picture of Julia and herself!
Happy Birthday, Aynslee! 

Grampa and I are sending you lots of love and 
hugs and kisses and we hope you like 
the present from us! 
We think you are fabulous and 
wouldn't trade you for the world!

XOXOXOXOXOXOXO and one to grow on XO!


Sister Susie Says said...

A beautiful celebration for your beautiful granddaughter! Happy Birthday, Anyslee. Your Grandmother's friend, Susan