Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summertime, Finally!

Healthy can be Beautiful!
{Taken at the Ferry Building open air market this morning.}


Sister Susie said...

You have made me very hungry for vegetables!!! I have never seen purple bell peppers before! Now I want to see if I can find some!

Love to you all,

Bonnie said...

Susan these purple bell peppers are from South America. I think the guy said Peru. Aren't they beautiful?

Hope you are enjoying your retirement.

Sister Susie said...

Do the purple bell peppers taste any different as do the green from the red peppers?

I haven't really realized my retirement as yet since I'm usually out for the summer anyway. It will "kick-in" when school starts and I don't, ha!

Waiting for your super blogs!

Deila said...

wow, you aren't kidding, this does look healthy, so colorful too. I just need someone to cook it up for me.

Marie said...

Everything looks so good Bonnie!, I, too, have never seen purple peppers! How positively beautiful! xxoo