Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jen, 40 Years of Bliss and...Hair.

Could be the cutest picture......ever!  
Brand new Daddy and Daughter.  Jen 3 days old.

Bear Skin Rug 8 weeks

Grandpa Ross and Gramma Jo 
came to help and visit!
Nap time!

Cousin Rebecca and cute bonnets.

Kicking back in the orange rocker with 
her baby beans and hair brush.

Only Picture of Jen and her
 Daddy's brother, Uncle Gary

Mamma and Jenny

More hair

And some more HAIR!



Grandma Gloria and Grampa Fred

She loved this Baby Beans dolly

Jen always has loved Halloween and Pumpkins

I made these flat, wooden ornaments 
so she wouldn't break any and get hurt...
we still have some of them to this day.

First Easter just before turning one!

Baptism picture at 8

Petals on your Flower, Jen

Happy Birthday Auntie Jen~You are loved!
In the end is is all about growing  a lot of love, 
a beautiful family  
and cutting a lot of hair
until we get it right!

Have a great birthday, Sweetheart,
 and many many more.
 After 39  it's upward and onward...
it only gets better.
Thank you for making these the 
best years of our lives!

Beautiful Cake, Lowell!


Barbara said...

Happy birthday to Jen! Congratulations to you and Jim for raising a lovely daughter.
I love this post...

Caroline Craven said...

Those pictures are so cute - and a little funny! The picture of Jen her first Easter looks just like Hazel. It is amazing how much they look alike. Great post. I love that you do all those old pictures.

Marie said...

What a beautiful post Bonnie! Happy Birthday to your Jen! I really enjoyed seeing all the photographs!! It was great fun seeing Jen growing up. What a cute couple you and Jim were/are!!

Sister Susie said...

Happy Birthday, Jen! They only get better!!
Love to you and yours, Susan