Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook~April 14, 2012

Taking a Moment to Contemplate the Journey!

Just For Today...Saturday April 14, 2012
Our lives pass swiftly by!
I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts.
That is what this daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One week at a time.

Outside my window...the sun is starting to go down and I see my hubby outside working, always working so hard.  He gets so much done and it is a win/win for everyone.  Especially me (hehe)!

I am thankful for... a beautiful sunny day, albeit kinda cold.  We have had a full week of rain.  Everything is transformed into a confused kind of a spring season, no living thing really
having the vaguest notion what to make of it. Along with the humans, the birds, scrubs, flowers, blossoming trees and the creatures great and small are bewildered.   But it will all balance out into spring hopefully by late April or early May.  

From the learning room..that if you want to continue to blog daily or nearly daily you just have to do it.  I have been blogging a lot on my other blogs but not so much this one.  I am not sure why.  I have been writing on my technical blog regarding family history but have recently started a blog about the people in our family, both living and deceased.  I'm just casually writing my memories of them, the way they touched others if they have passed away or how they are living their lives now and contributing to the betterment of the world if they are still here.  When I sit down to write in this blog I think about what would I find interesting about this person if I were a person from the future.  It is kind of fun and relaxing which is what I need after the technical writing.  It is like exercising the left and right sides of my brain.  I cannot just do the left part...the right is a big part of who I am and if I neglect it, I suffer.  And I adore Pinterest and looking at beautiful pictures and getting great ideas on how to live more efficiently...that is my dessert.  It gives the quiet and solitude I need like nothing else I can think of that is of this world.

I am reading...Not books really except for the scriptures.  I read constantly, all day long from the Internet for news and communicating, and Google and various sites but I am restless if I pick up a novel lately.  I go in spurts though.  Once I get on a kick I read a lot of books rather quickly.  I guess I am looking for something that will fascinate me and hold my interest.  If Downton Abbey was a book, I'd read that.

From the kitchen...Soup and bread and fruit for dinner, not very unique here.  Jim and I both prefer light eating in the evenings so that is what we do.  The beauty of being a couple that can decided what we want, when we want it...with no little chicklets to veto it with their likes and dislikes and crazy schedules anymore.  We do miss them but not that part! 

I am missing...My blogging friends.  How are you guys, anyway?  I must hop over and read about your lives...I really miss that and you.  Please forgive me for being absent for these many months now.  I don't love you any less I promise you that.  And I think of you all very often and keep you in my prayers.

I am hearing...The noise of the work day winding down over here and Jim cleaning up and putting his tools away for the next few days.  We are remodeling our bathroom off of our family room and Jim has been replacing wallboard, texturing and sanding this weekend.  He is putting new molding around the window and it is going to look awesome. 

We have gotten all new fixtures and are putting in a clear glass shower door to make it feel more spacious.  I ordered the one picture that will be hung in there and we are getting excited.  Should be done completely by May 1st.  This rainy weather has been perfect so he was OK working inside all week.  This is the last of the indoor projects after about three years of  re-doing as time and $ would allow.

I am wearing...jeans, print t-shirt, sock and a fleece jacket.  One thing about remodeling...the door is always open and I have been freezing all day as I have been working on my own projects.

I am quoting..."Don't forget to pray today as God didn't forget to wake you up this morning." 

Some things that made me especially happy this past week...Talking to all our kids, getting everything chosen and ordered for the bath and watching Jim enjoy what he is doing so much.  I also haven't been feeling that well this week until that makes me happy.  And I have my lesson for tomorrow for our Genealogy User Group all I don't have to get up at 4:00 am tomorrow morning.  Woohoo!  Something that did not make me happy this week.  A very large bill at the car dealership for a repair we were not anticipating.  Ugh!

Some spiritual thoughts I have been pondering...
My thoughts have been about God's perfect plan for our happiness.  I have been thinking about how a righteous man doing his best to love the Lord and support his family and serve others is such a Godsend.  And how two people working together to achieve the same things divide their sorrow and double their joy.  What a perfect God and a perfect plan. 

 I am going..get up in a couple of minutes and get dinner going.

One of my guilty pleasures...crackers...I love crackers!

Pet Peeve...waking up at 4:00 am when you can sleep until 7:00.

One of my favorite things..

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Garrow's Law, a British TV series.

I am curious much I don't like Presidential Election years.

If I could change one thing it would be...there would be no bad apples in the barrel. 

A few plans for the rest of the week... Church tomorrow and then a meeting in the afternoon for family history, Monday is my day to stay home and do my own thing while Jim works.  Tuesday FHC work in the afternoon, WW in the morning.  Wednesday, missionaries for dinner, Thursday night Temple and it is our anniversary of being parents for 40 years!   Friday morning my fun with my group of friends and Room with a Past.  We do have Stake Conference this next weekend so that will be an evening out on Saturday and then Sunday morning.  Haven't decided about the rest of next week yet.  I am not going to worry about that too much as everyday lands up being packed with something.

A photo I am sharing with you...

Here's just a little piece of our California sky from yesterday morning.  So beautiful...watching those clouds roll by so quickly trying to fill up a blue sky that just would not be defeated.  I love happy moments like this where I am just so fully aware of our great Creator and how He blesses us all the time.


Marie said...

Bonnie, sooooooo good to see a post from you and as per normal I have devoured every word! It's so nice to catch up with the goings on in your life. I love that picture of the California sky with the clouds. The sun just popped out from behind the clouds here this morning, so looks to be a sunny day here. You can't beat England on a sunny day. Todd and I like to eat light in the evening as well. I prefer to have our big meal at noon. It works better for me that way and I find I eat less. Love you! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...our last cool spell has come. It really feels great compared to the summer like weather we've had lately!
THANKFUL...that the LORD has designed a special path for each of His children to follow.
LEARNING...I don't know how you can do so many blogs! I'm doing good to just have one and lately I haven't gotten much done on it! I have some who have one blog yet they post 4 or 5 in one day!
READING...I rarily read books other than Bible study books and different commentaries.
KITCHEN...potatoe salad, shrip boiled in old bay flavoring, and cooked kale! are missed too, but I understand when you are a busy blogging lady!
HEARING...the golf game in the back ground. I like to watch golf.
WEARING...shorts and a tee shirt!
QUOTING..."GOD pours His Love into our hearts to flow out to others." (Daily Bread 3/21/07 finaley get my laminate flooring in my living/dining room area and the old carpet ripped out!
PONDERING...why some of GOD's people still suffer. rest and then tomorrow get some more things moved back into my dining room.
GUILTY PLEASURES...Heath Klondikes bars! Great ice cream!
PET PEEVE...caring for wildlife.
FAVORITE...eating out!
MOVIE...Those on the Hallmark network!
CURIOUS...about GOD's outcome for the elections. No one gets into office but that he has been allowed by GOD to do so!
CHANGE...That laws can't be amended over and over again depending on who's in office. moving, throwing out stuff I haven't looked at in years, lunch with a friend, Wed. Bible class, hair appt., grocery shopping.
Love to you and yours, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Miss Bonnie,
wow, another fun redo.........
can't wait to see the pictures.

You have become a very busy lady,
I am sorry to say!! course, only cause I miss you!! lol
but happy you are enjoying your life.

Have a lovely week ahead hon,
Love and Blessings, Nellie

LA Adams said...

I've been thinking about you for the last few days and finally got back into the blogging world for a minute. For some reason life is just rushing by and I haven't taken the time to contemplate and ponder. Thanks for your pearls you are such a delightful person!

Caroline Craven said...

I've been hearing a lot lately that you should eat like a king for breakfast, a queen for lunch and a pauper for dinner. I think I do that backwards. And, I'm pretty sure royalty does't eat junk food all day long. Most of the time, I'm good not to do that, but then there are those days -- weeks..........