Monday, April 30, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook~April 30, 2012

Just for today~Monday April 30, 2012
Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One week at a time.

Outside my is going to be a gorgeous day, expecting 77 degrees.  It is already warm enough to have the doors and windows open.  It is just dawn and the earth is beginning to wake up and breathe.  Love this time of the day when most people are still sleeping.  I like just relishing in the first few moments of the day when it totally belongs to you.  I love that.  Taking a few moments to read the scriptures, pray, connect with my spouse, make some plans and set some goals for the day all get the day started off well.  When I fail to do any one of these it just makes the day a little off. 

I am thankful for...all the things we got accomplished last week.  Our mid-sized bathroom off of our family room has been completely remodeled and last night Jim hung the door and put up and the louvers on the closet.  It is all done now but the window covering...still thinking about that one but will be in this week.  I want the two inch white blinds washed and back up...Jim wants something else so we will see.  I am so thankful for all the work he has been doing since he retired.  It is just so nice to have the time to dedicate to the projects.  We have done all we plan to do on the inside for sometime, so now he will be turning his attention to his workshop.  He is pretty excited about that and I am excited to see the fulfillment of his life long dream for a shop where he can work and play.

From the learning room...that I am so thankful for the aging process, not of the body but of the mind and spirit and of relationships.  Things that use to perplex me seem so obvious now and so integrally intertwined with all of life's lessons and perspectives.  I also love how over a life time with another person and shared experiences you become more idyllically one.   The things you learn together make more like-mindedness and more harmony and less discord.  Some of that stress of the blending vanishes and your later years can be so much more relaxing and happy.

I am reading...My journals from 35 years ago.  What a fun activity.  It brings everything back in living color and affirms most of your decisions and highlights your blessings.  Everyone should keep journal, we forget so many important life events without one.  Never think of your life as having nothing interesting to report.  You would be surprised how much others enjoy reading of your experiences.  

Your life's writings are you legacy to those that will miss you and have a desire to hear your voice once more through your written words.  And if there is no one like that in your life, do it for yourself.  It is very therapeutic and rewarding to do.  In our Family History Group we are writing a little story each week and sharing memories from our childhood with each other.  Everyone of them have been fun and enlightening.  It is really neat to learn new things about people and the things that have shaped them.  One thing we have found to be very interesting is that every time we hear a short story from a friend it triggers our own memories.  Those triggers are what we use to choose our next week's assignment.

From the kitchen...I have got to get cracking in there and do some shopping and cooking ahead.  I have got to do some work on our food storage and restock the pantry a bit.  I don't like thinking about food daily so I try to get a plan, do the shopping and then be done with it.  It is that time once again.  Sigh.

 I can pretty much relate to this one.  Haha!  When I saw it on Pinterest I had to pin it for sure. I do love the nurturing aspects of the kitchen just not the details.  The devil (insert horns here) is definitely in the details.

I am missing...Robert who is doing well in Afghanistan, Chris and Missy who are on tour with Chris' University students in Sweden right now, then heading for Denmark, Finland and several other countries visiting manufacturing companies and seeing the sights.   They are going to go to the Ikea manufacturing plant which I think would be very interesting.   They get to do this annually in Europe with their expenses paid, which is such a lovely perk...don't you agree?   Missing all the other family and good friends.  I wish you all lived closer.  There is an awesome house for sale across the street if you are interested. ;-)

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...sometimes I am so amazed by the faith and trust our Father in Heaven places in us when we are called to serve him in various capacities.   By staying close to the spirit we can feel so much more comfortable in carrying out His plans through us.  Yesterday I had to rely on that very heavily while presenting my testimony and thoughts on Strengthening Families to a large group of people.  The weight of that responsibility is both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.  The best part was having my best friend and husband at my side.  Since it was about Strengthening Families I didn't think anyone would mind if I brought him up with me.  He also shared some spontaneous thoughts guided by the spirit and it felt right.

I am hearing...Santa Lucia by Luciano Pavarotti and thinking of our special friend and a ride he took us on through the streets of Cicagna in Italy. The heart has a continual longing for Italy once it has been exposed.  One of our favorite dinner conversations..."When are we going back and what will we return to when we do?"  Cicagna for sure.

I am wearing...I think I should take this question out of this template..always so boring.  For today...summery night gown for the moment but soon jeans and a pink shirt and sandals, some make-up and a jewel or two.  Poof, as in outta here, for this one starting next week.  Maybe we should just Skype.  Oh heavens...only kidding on that one!

One of my guilty pleasures...I have this old leopard skin lap blanket that is so warm and toasty and I cannot part with it.  I just have to have it when watching movies.  I have never known of a person my age with a special blankie but I confess I do have one.  I did give up sucking my thumb though many decades ago if that makes you feel better.  We have several others but that one is always the one I choose.  Embarrassing but true. 

Pet Peeves...Litterbugs.  Who does that and why?

I am work on my genealogy as soon as I finish this.  Working on a possible surprise for Jim and trying to figure out a problem area on one of his lines.

One of my favorite things...a reverent walk at Muir Woods which we did this week on our day trip.  If you go early before the other mammals arrive it is absolutely a sacred place to be.

I am quoting...I love that I have lots of quotes on Pinterest so I can easily find one.  This week I saw two I liked a lot.  "Expectation is the root of all heartache."  Isn't that the truth?  And the second one... "Perhaps you will forget tomorrow the kind words you have spoken but the recipient may treasure them over a life time."

An enjoyable movie we have watched lately...We are taking our time going through the episodes of Downton Abbey for the second time.  I cannot imagine waiting until January 2013, but alas, we must.  We are almost done though and then we are going to watch John Adams which I have seen but Jim has not.

I am curious about...Why Lindsay Lohan would be invited to the White House Correspondents' fancy affair on Saturday night....the guest list was to be powerful political people and Hollywood celebs.  Seriously, Hollywood doesn't even celebrate her.  Then she shows up in a very immodest dress.  Hello?  How about inviting some young adults who contribute something worthwhile to the country?  Time to raise the bar in Washington, D.C.  I don't really follow such things but happened to see it on Yahoo news and was curious...I am ready for a dignified, grown-up President.

If I could change one thing it would be...that Jennifer was not having another surgery in June to repair and complete the surgery she is now recovering from.  Heading back to Utah for some weeks on June 1st to give a helping hand.  Driving this time so that will be nice.  It is hard when we do not have a car there.

Plans for the rest of the the bills, shop for the kitchen, dust my house again...the dust from the remodel keeps resurfacing.  I am going to recover and relax a little after a very busy week last week,  work tomorrow, meeting on Thursday night, get organized for May and all the birthdays in our family.  Can you say, Black Out Bingo on the calendar...a mini-Christmas time for us.  Adding in a few graduations and Mother's Day always adds that extra little strain on the budget.  I also want to start thinking about planting flowers but then think...we are going to be gone a lot this summer then what about all the potted plants?  It costs more to have someone water then to replace dilemma.

A photo I am sharing this week...from our day trip to Marin county.  This is lovely place is called Muir Woods Overlook. 

This is one of the prettiest places to get a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean.  You drive right up to this very nicely developed, yet rustic little space on the top of the cliffs and they have picnic tables scattered about.  The view is over the moon on a clear day.  I like to sit at one of the tables on the edge of the cliff and just absorb the sun and the sight.  It would be such an inspiring place to write.  When I get a laptop eventually that I like for writing I want to do this.  It would be equal to Yosemite where I was able to spend the day writing a few years ago now.  Jim loves to wander around and explore.  We both love taking photos here.

Well, that is it for this week.  I hope yours is going well.  Your life is your family history.  The pages are blank for you to write upon them.  Make it a fantastic week.  Share your love, serve others, communicate with those that are important to you, be filled with gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven and the privilege of knowing Him. And whatever you are engaged in accomplishing, never give up!


Marie said...

Loved your daybook as always Bonnie! I know how you feel about having to wait for Downton Abbey! We feel the same. Why can't they just keep producing it so we never have to be without fresh ones!! Did you see the series that the same fellow did about the Titanic?? It was like Downton at Sea! Positively Brilliant!! xxoo

Sister Susie said... is a gorgeous day in Florida too. I love the spring's bright blue skies. We do have some clouds off and on.
THANKFUL...for my new floors. I dont miss the carpeting at all! (New pictures on my blog.) mind is also growing in not being so concerned as to the way the world is going. I have learned to be more local and being guided by the Holy Spirit as to what I can be used of Him, here in this place.
READING...I should go back and read my daily prayer journal from the past few years (I started it about 5 years ago.) I've always written in it as to my meditations on GOD's WORD and how it applies to my life. I've never gone back and read any of them.
KITCHEN...nothing has come out of it lately other than oatmeal, cereal, and eggs.
MISSING...the ferrel cats on my back property. My neighbor set out traps and got all but one, a pregnant mama cat. I hate to think what became of them. (My blog speaks of two babies, 5 weeks old, that came up crying. Being an animal lover, I couldn't help but take them in.)
THOUGHTS...It sorrows me to think of the damnation man brought upon the animal kingdom when the fall occurred. The animals who were innocent were made to be preditors and slaughtered by man.
HEARING...the excuses men make to the cops and the blame or denial of their actions and always say,
"I swear to god, that wasn't me!"
WEARING...tee shirt and shorts (only in the house!)
GUILTY PLEASURE...I got a hamburger and Frosty today!
PET PEEVE...that racial discrimination is seen only as a ONE way street when it should be two ways. deposite a check, get groceries, mail bills, fill up my truck.... be in my house in peace, away from the stress of the outside world.
QUOTE..."The grass may be greener on the other side, but GOD says, 'Thou shalt not covet.' "
MOVIE...Firelight. It is about teens in a juvenile facility and the help some accept and others reject.
CURIOUS...Anything that seems to be unacceptable to Republicans seems to all the more be acceptable by the Progressive, Liberal, Democrats. They never learn from their past that their actions always lead to their demise.
CHANGE...That criminals would get their "oaths" answered immediately when they, "I swear to god, that isn't mine; I didn't do that, etc."
WEEK...clean, clean, clean...dust, sweep, mop, etc!
Love your new Daybook picture, Susan

Caroline Craven said...

I love the pintrest picture - I can relate to her pain. I love cooking, but hate thinking up what to have for ______________. (You fill in the bland).