Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook~April 10, 2013

Our lives pass swiftly by! I want to do something to remember
the everyday moments and my thoughts about them.  
That is what this daybook is all about.
Focusing on the little things that become my life.
One entry at a time.

Just for today~Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Outside my window...It is a glorious Spring day!  The leaves on all the trees that have been dormant for the winter are all fresh and new and such a pretty light green.  There is rebirth and renewal going on out my window today.   It is 8:45 am and I am on my way to being ready for the day.  It has been a pretty busy ten days or so and today I am feeling less pressure and have a little more discretionary time on my hands at last.  There is plenty to do but at least I am not racing the clock.  It is supposed to be 84 degrees here today but I'll believe it when I see it.

I am thankful for...the thing I am always thankful in the morning~a fresh perspective, renewed faith and hope and a clean slate.  As the day goes on things press in on us but in the energy, new enthusiasm and faith in the prospects of a great day.  As I have gotten older I appreciate this more and more.  Perhaps that is because I get tired easier as the day goes on and have more aches and pains which can be discouraging and frustrating.  But in the morning...the world is my oyster.  So it is morning and spring and what's not to love?
From the learning room...keeping your mind active is a real plus.  Learning has become more important to me than ever.  I just cannot express how much I love it.  I think the teaching of family history and genealogy is just perfect for me at this stage in my life.  I love being able to do something worthwhile and rewarding and to also be a contributing member of society.  I have a heart full of gratitude that inspires me to want to give back to life and be an asset to others if I possibly can be.  There is joy in doing it with no thought of financial compensation  When that "have to" mentality is gone from the equation something in your heart changes for the better. When no one is able to put a price on what you do and your time, it becomes priceless.

I am  Lots of great things pertaining to our vacation coming up to the east coast and to Charleston and Savannah.  Lots about the Colonies and The Mayflower.  Lots of other interesting things.  Always uplifting spiritual things as well.

From the kitchen...All stocked up for the week, lots in the freezer as options for dinners this week and a broken outdoor grill/bbq.  Why does that always happen when you least expect it?  I guess I will be looking for a new one soon.  But no where close to Father's Day as the prices will be skyrocketing around then. We are having a wedding reception here on the 19th so I do have some deep cleaning to do in my kitchen drawers.  Holy cow how do they get so messy all the time?  Ohhhh, maybe two people putting things away...just sayin...not that I do not love the help because I do!

I am missing...All the friends I rarely see or hear from and of course always the kids and grandkids.  Jen and her girls drove home on Sunday.  Our daughter is my hero.  Honestly eleven and a half hours with four girls in the car as well.  She is amazing that girl of ours.  Big void right now and it is so quiet.  It is feast or famine for us.  We haven't seen Chris and his family for over 6 months now.  Way too long.  And we haven't seen Robert for almost two years.  But all that is to be remedied soon so we have much to look forward to in the coming months.

Some spiritual thoughts I have been having...if you saw my post from yesterday you know we just had our semi-annual conference for our church.  Just listening to the beautiful music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and all the inspiring talks puts one on a spiritual high for quite some time.  I have been very thankful for the many years of these types of blessings in our lives that shape the very fabric of who we become as followers of Christ through such rich experiences.  I love the unity within our family and the community that the Church gives us in our pursuit to learn more about our Savior.

I am hearing...Peace and quiet.  Nothing at all.  It is clarifying, rejuvenating and restful.  A huge contrast from yesterday where I was teaching, talking and chatting with a lot of people for many hours.  James is off helping a friend install a sink and it is just me and you.  Nice.

One of my guilty the previous answer!

Pet Peeves...carpets that are too light and show all the dirt and carpets that are too dark and show all the lint.  We have only one wall to wall carpet in the cottage, it's in our family room and it causes me more grief than all the wood floors in the entire house.  The problem with the one we have now is it's too light.  Construction and light carpeting; disaster ummm, not a match.  Removing work boots all day long to come in, not a viable option.  Solution... Finish workshop.... get a new carpet.  Wiser choice coming right up about this time next year.  In the meantime, Chris Rossi, of Siggy's Carpet Cleaning to the rescue next Tuesday.

I am run some errands after I finish this and then do some work on my PowerPoint revisions for my presentation on April 21st.  I realized I must get it completely done this I'm on it a little later today.  Next reception for Alex and Shanna trumps all.

I am quoting...Pinterest:

I have been thinking about people and what I call "intentional authenticity."  So many people hide behind a cloak of invisibility.  I am planning on writing about this very soon.

If I could change one thing it would be...the darkness of sorrow and sadness and hopelessness that we all experience once in a while but many never escape from it.  It is hard to watch people struggle with their esteem, worth and that plague of despair.  It is so hard to know how to help.  Love is all, really.

An enjoyable movie/ TV show we have watched lately...I have been watching season 4 of White Collar lately.  Love that show.  It is really fun to watch the interplay between the main characters.  Purely entertaining, a nice break after a busy day.

I am curious the people who voted for the current administration feel when they go for their tax refund and discover they have to forfeit nearly 1,000 dollars for their "free" medical insurance?  3.5 more years to endure.

Plans for the rest of the week...Work, clean, prepare for the wedding reception.  We are going to SF on Sunday night to see "The Lamb of God" a beautiful and highly recommended musical performance about the Savior of the world.

One of my favorite things...Reflections on the past, what I have learned and how I am hopeful about the future.  I have been thinking a lot about true friends.  How important they are to me and how much I love them.  I had two friends tell me this week how devastated they would have been had Jim and I decided to move to Utah as we once planned to do after retiring.  That was so sweet and they are safe.  We are staying here.

One thing that made me so happy this week...being with Jen and the girls.  We had a ball.  Grampa ran us ragged but then we knew that would happen.  In the quiet moments, we just hung out and enjoyed it all.  The weather was problematic and overcast and chilly and wet but the hearts were warm and toasty.

The most surprising thing this week...My 87 year old mother-in-law bought a new car.  Hello?  Yep, she did it. She wanted something a little smaller and sportier.  The fountain of youth seems to be in her backyard.  She is a physical marvel. 

A photo I am sharing this week... we took lots of photos of the girls while they were here.  Captured them in every form of sweetness as a group and as individuals.  I have to go through all of them and choose some great ones to  share.  That will be its own post though.  Here is a goofy one of me and the only reason I would consider sharing it is the beautiful roses on each side of the thorn!

Piper~14, Me~Antique, Julia~ nearly 13
Aren't they the cutest?
And they are as sweet as they are pretty!

          Until we all return...happy day to you!
❤♡♥♡❤♡♥♡❤♡♥s, Bon


Sister Susie said...

OUTSIDE...everything is blooming! The birds are all singing! "Joy comes in the morning!" PS 30:5
THANKFUL...see above!
LEARNING ROOM...More and more to hold on fast to my LORD GOD no matter how blessed or the peril that comes as we come closer to the Last Days.
READING..."Petrus Romanus." Dealing with the ancient manuscripts discovered in the Vatican's vaults concerning end time prophesy.
KITCHEN...I have gotten into fixing and eating collard greens, mustard greens, kale! I can't seem to get my fill!
MISSING...every moment I don't get to see my great niece, Brooklyn! know I have whole heartedly been chosen by GOD. My favorite verse from Ephesians 1:4"Before the world was (created) I knew you!" Also II Tim. 1:9 says, "grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time!"
HEARING..."The Good Life" on TBN.
PET PEEVE...dark floors that show my PET's hair! Thank goodness for the wide swift sweepers! get busy on my blog!!!
QUOTE..."Have an attitude of gratitude!"
CHANGE...that all, in whatever circumstance can have the Hope that Christ gives to persevere.
MOVIE...Frances the Talking Mule! these same people feel about the cut in their paychecks that goes to taxes!
WEEK...Cleaning to get ready for my AC check, termite check, baby sitting my friend's cockatiel!
FAVORITE...watching the beauty of spring and the animals getting ready for their babies (hawks around the lakes, birds making nests in the trees, baby bunnies coming out of the woods early in the morning.) I just hope no more baby alligators show up in the yard this year!
HAPPY...running off the materials for my Bible study class. Making new name tags for new members!
SURPRISING...My neighbor friend, Alice when she brings me a plateful of the homemade BBQ she makes!
PHOTOS...I can't get enough of Brooklyn's pictures!
Love to you and yours, Susan.