Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Spring, a New Day and a New Life!

Spring in Full Bloom!

Yesterday I saw this beautiful wisteria vine and decided it was worth a moment for a photo.  It reminded me of so many lovely things.  The fragrance of my childhood, the color my mom loved best and new beginnings.  It was the theme color for a baby shower for our nephew and his wife just weeks ago. Such a beautiful and royal color.  Strong and yet feminine too.  A perfect blend of blue and red.

I cannot remember the last time I smelled wisteria blossoms.  Can you?  I love this stage in my life.  I love that I realize more than ever the importance of slowing down and paying attention to the little things.  It is in the little things that we know we are bound to the ages.  They are the things that remain constant in our ever-changing world.  I love the little things that seal us to a happy life and always have.  The things that bring more than happiness; the simple, the familiar, the joyful.  And the big things, the really big things like a new baby!

Last night we learned that as I was stopping to smell the wisteria a little tiny girl was born.  She is our great-niece, the first child for one of our two nephews.  Now that is joy.  A new baby, the smell of her sweet, new skin and the warmth of that little one so fresh and new.  I think Spring is the ideal time to have a baby.  They get the whole summer and fall to get strong and thrive and stay healthy before the next winter comes along.  My brother, Steve, and his wife, Emily, are grandparents again.  This is #3 for them and the first little person with our surname born in nearly 3 decades.  My Dad and Mom are beaming from heaven today.

So welcome Miss Quinn Kylie to our family.  We love you so already.  Babies have a way of wiggling their way right into your heart right away, the instant they come.  Unconditional love..I love that, don't you?

Our family history records are already updated. 
 We are so happy you are here, safe and sound 
and pray we might get to know you well.

Congratulations to Nick and Mara!  We love you!

This is even sweeter and more beautiful 
than the sight and fragrance 
of all these wisteria blossoms!
Happy New Beginnings!


Sister Susie said...

WOW! I can't believe how long hanging the lilac flowers are! My favorite is the double red bougainvillea. Mine "died back" this winter, but by late summer it will be in full bloom again! However it doesn't have a fragrance. My night jasmine is in full bloom now, but you can't smell a thing until you go out at night! The fragrance is so strong it can give you headache if you stay around it too long!

I know your joy of your newborn great niece! My great niece is now 5 weeks old! When I hold her, there is a joy that comes up in me I can't explain!

My cousin on my mother's side has our genealogy way back to Ireland! My great niece is already added as well!

The LORD's blessings continue no matter how the way of the world goes! GOD bless you and yours, Susan.

Caroline Craven said...

I'm not doing something right. I have had a wisteria for the past 10 years and it hasn't bloomed once. I think I have to cut it back, its all vine. Congrats on the little baby girl. She is cute. Babies are so much fun. I will be in Concord the 19th of April. I understand you will be a bit busy, but I might stop in and crash the party for a few minutes.