Friday, April 19, 2013

I Was A Child Bride.....Happy Birthday Jen!

Here is our 41 year old daughter to prove it!  What a delight you have been, Jen!  You have kept us on our toes, happy, laughing and being amazed for all these years.  You are such a wonderful person, so giving and generous with everyone and so especially good to our family.  We love you with all of our hearts and respect the amazing job you do at everything you attempt.  Here is our favorite so far of your many, many good deeds and accomplishments!  Happy Birthday, Beanie!


Julia Mae

Chloe Jane

Hazie with Piper

And about here they are all saying...enough already, Grampa!
It was a Happy Easter Morning!


Laura said... long since I have looked at a blog. What beautiful pics.

Susan Todd said...

Children are a blessing from the LORD! That also applies to the grandparents!! Happy Birthday to Jennifer!
Love to you all, Susan
P.S. Thanks for your help about my blog, Bonnie!