Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sheri Dew On Oppression of Women in the Mormon Church

I was thinking that for the next little while I want to post some great church talks that may clear up some of the misconceptions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints floating around these days.  This one is one of my all-time favorites about women in the church.  It is given by a sister named Sheri Dew and the video is about an interview she did where the status of woman as as equal church members was questioned.  Give a listen.  What she says is amazing and true!  How do I know?  I have lived it for 35 years and have gained my own personal testimony of it through the Holy Ghost.


Sister Susie Says said...

Gal. 3:28 says, "there is neither...male nor female for all are one in Christ." The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church has missionaries all over the world (and even in some countries that can't be revealed) where women hold such important positions of spreading GOD's WORD through Jesus Christ and His salvation When they are home on furlough, it is so exciting to see the things they share that the LORD has blessed in these countries! The women's program in our church and district is in such diverse ministries: teaching, mentoring, pregnancy centers, toy box ministries, home missions, foreign missions, fall festivals, AV many I can't list them all. It is such a blessing to be apart of these or assisting them! Love for our LORD, Susan