Friday, October 3, 2014

Hazel is Growing Up!


It seems like long time since I have written about our Hazie Jo. She turned 7 on September 24.  The week before she had an eye surgery.  Both her eyes are still very red but Jen says she is improving. She is going to have a very big and seriously major surgery on November 10.  The surgeons are going to attempt to straighten her back up enough to minimize her lung pressure from the scoliosis.  They will do it by putting in some lever type things between her ribs and then slowly over a long time widening the space between them so she won't tilt so much to the right.  She is such a willing and compliant child.  She doesn't like the idea but she doesn't fight it either.  She reminds me so much of my Mom when she was in her last years.  An Easy Patient.  Please pray for her to have a good outcome in November and that she will stay nice and healthy this fall so they can proceed with the surgery.


Sister Susie Says said...

OH MY!!! She is growing up!

I have been praying for her. I shall add her November surgery on my daily prayer list.

She is such a beautiful gift from the LORD, and such a testimony for her family, friends, and we who know of her through your blog!

The LORD bless you, Jim, Jen and her family as well as all of your family! Susan

Bonnie said...

Susan you are a most amazing friend. I am very grateful for you and thank you very much for your devotion to the Lord and your sweetness towards our family. Hazel is a beautiful gift from the Lord, one of the most beautiful of all. Love, Bonnie

Sister Susie Says said...

Thank you, Bonnie! It is so amazing how the Love of our LORD is not hindered by miles or circumstances!
Love to you and all of yours, Susan