Thursday, October 30, 2014

All About Autumn At The Cottage

The Scare Crow I've had half my life I think!

The Back Porch
Where All Good Friends Enter!
(I don't think we even have a key to our front door.)

I Love These Old Black Crows
I Can Relate!
In their Fashionators
Norma Can Relate!

Kitchen High Shelf

Pears, not really that reminiscent of Fall
 I guess, I just like them!

Do You like my witch's broom?
Someone who shall remain nameless
Asked me if I ride it!

What is Halloween without a black cat?

The Dining Room Mantel
A little bit of Halloween soon to disappear
Then my beloved pilgrims will take center stage.

A close-up with an antique filter
Which is more the true color.

I did some bowls of this kind of thing~
not too big on Halloween perse!

I do like this Old Gnarly Goblin 

A few little things added in the bathroom for fun!
This guy look a little "Carnival" for our Italian Bath.
If I was really clever I'd make him a little black mask!

This little guy needed a tiny pumpkin 
and probably some clothes!
This hangs on the pillar between
the two big windows over the tub. 

An Acorn for the soaking tub tray.

~Safe Halloween Candy~
You eat die, it's glass!

The cheapo Pumpkins we spray painted copper!

Fun fake candy and acorns!


I have these on an antique marble top chest
in our bedroom. They are ceramic leaves. 

We've Got Our Share of Turkeys!
Inside and Outside!

Hall tree in the backdoor entry way.

~Would love to have you come by~

It's not spooky, I promise!


Torrey said...

Looks like HEAVEN....and of course it is, to our family <3 LOVE YOU!!!

Lanette - Never Give Up! said...

I feel so lucky to be able to spend time at the cottage and see it change with the seasons. You are amazing!